Apple has patent for WinMo style homescreen

Lately, we noticed some interesting mocked up home screen for iPhone on teehanlax. They have changed the screen to make it more informative when locked in the standby mode.

Also, the ability to scroll down the home screen has been explored at the same time.

Whoa, and interestingly it turns out that Apple already has the patents for such homescreens . Well its almost certain that Apple wouldn’t allow any third party to fiddle with their home screen.  Still expecting this change seems unlikely as the patent is lying with them since 2007.

The springboard has worked well for Apple, but as they look to get more serious about the enterprise market this old patent sure makes sense. Old Treo’s and Windows Mobile (even the Symbian now) have a much more informative homescreen / lockscreen like this one for windows.

iPhone users deserve more than just the buggy Cydget.

Update: As it turned out, this actually became the notifications center in iOS 5.

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