Apple files complaint against Nokia to ITC; Patent dispute gets uglier

by Ankur on January 16, 2010 · 0 comments

Filed in: All,Industry News,News,Nokia and Apple are fighting over patents, and the cat fight has already made headlines in the past few weeks. It began with Nokia suing Apple for infringing 10 of its patents in all 3 iPhone models and Apple responded with its own lawsuit against Nokia. Nokia later filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission and backed that up with another lawsuit. Now while, the situation looked pretty ugly, and we are sure to see a long, drawn legal battle;  Apple has  now respondedwith its own complaint to ITC (US International Trade Commission) seeking a ban on US imports of Nokia products.

The smartphone scene is getting uglier with many cos like Motorola, Nokia and Apple holding patents that are potential industry standards. Thus, licensing is necessary. Another factor that prompts many lawsuits between mobile players is the increasing role of mobiles as a powerful computing device. Hopefully the fight between the technology giants of this world won’t affect innovation.

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