Apple A4: PA Semi Technology powers the iPad

Sounds like Apple just entered Printing business. A4 ahmm.  Anyways, as expected the multicore Apple chips are here. If I heard it right, Apple has a multicore chip that does 1GHz powering its latest creation – the iPad. The Apple tablet is basically a Kindle and Netbook killer, and you can call it an oversized iPhone that would also double up as a superb gaming device.

Nothing magical on the hardware front, but Apple’s own chip is said to be the cheapest and most efficient one out there. The A4 enables superb video performance and gaming experience at the same time. Apple has striked a good balance of tech and cost here. And yes 10 hours of battery life, come one! #win

RT: @iFixit: Jobs said the A4 system-on-chip includes processor, graphics, I/O, and memory controller in one package.

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