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iBlueNova: Review

Finally, the wait is over, iBlueNova (earlier know as iBluetooth) is out on cydia. iBlueNova works like a charm, This time its interface is organized neatly if you compare it with its earlier version iBluetooth. I’m very impressed with iBluenova.

In this version, you can transfer almost everything that is on your iPhone including Music, Photos, Videos and Other System files. Another good thing that it lets you preview the files that you want to send, so be it audio, video or photo.

Got good data transfer speeds, around 35kbs it with my old nokia 6630.Also, received data on iPhone without any issues, all the files are stored on /private/var/mobile/Media/Downloads folder by default, you can access them via SSH or with the help of iPhoneBrowser. If you want, you can also change the location of received files. You can only send one file at a time.

Since Music Library is read-only, no received Music or Video will be stored on Music Library that means you cant access it with iPod app, whereas received photos are stored on Camera Roll. You can change it to Library from iBlueNova settings. You can also enable pin authentication, change the received file location from here.

Another thing that you can’t directly preview the received file there on iBlueNova, You can use mAdvlock to preview those files. Just got to the /private/var/mobile/Media/Downloads folder. You can only preview Photos and Music, Video will only work if its an iPhone compatible.

There are few bugs like:

I couldn’t pair few devices which requires a code to Bond for the first time before sending/receiving files, As soon as I enter the code it, I get a failure message. We also struggled to get the app working with my iPhone 2G. Since, Medevil has tweeted that there seems to be an issue with 2G compatibility. I think those few bugs should be fixed 2G compatibility. I think those few bugs should be fixed soon.

iBluenova is compatible with iPhone 2g(few issues), 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch 3G is experimental.

iBluenova comes with 15day trial after that you’ve to pay $5.99 to get the license, and it is available on cydia under iSpazio repo.

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  1. Amy

    The 2g version is coming out soon.. But when is the question..Even medevil had promised us bluetooth gps and much more..
    I wanna ask where are those

  2. Rem

    I have got some music files which I can see as completed, but when I open ipod aplication I dont see them. But when I go in the ibluenova other files I can see the files I got. Anybody know where is a problem, how I can fix that?

  3. AJW

    Was really hoping that this may give iPhone some other Bluetooth profiles such as Remote Sim (RSAP) Anyone know if this is planned or whether there are any other apps than do this?

  4. Alphaleader

    I haven’t been able to send files over 922 KB. Does anyone else have this problem? I have an iphone 3G 3.1.2 fw.

  5. Daredevil

    it works perfectly on my iPod Touch 2G and iPod Touch 3G!!! i just love this app!!!!

  6. Bakhtyar

    IBluenove not working on my iphone 2G please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. dodox20

    italians do it better ^^
    great app, only one thing, to open files you must have ifile or every time you have to open iblunova to see them ^^ bye

  8. Nikolai

    GUYs i dont understand why is so hard to tell us the directory for music files it seems that it isn’t
    var/mobile/media/downloads so i want My music files in my ipod NOw ! ?????

  9. Sandra

    Hi: I am trying to transfer e-books from my iphone to an ereader. When I open iBlueNova and look under “other files”, where do I find the e-books? Many thanks!

  10. Phil

    This app works PERFECTLY with my HP Photosmart A646 and my factory unlocked 3G 8GB! Great job guys!

    N.B. I also downloaded “BT Stack”, via Rock, which is a portable user-space bluetooth stack, which may help with connectivity between devices. Not sure if it’s helping or not, but I’m not changing it because everything works….”if it ain’t broke….”

  11. Battoussai

    Why can’t I receive and send songs between iPhones?

  12. Hasanineali

    i have ipod touch 2g 3.1.3 , ibluenova works perfectly for sending files but i’m unable to receive any kind of files each time receiving freezes on 0%, 6% or 8%. Plz help me i’m able to send files to nokia mobiles but unable to receive files. Does ibluenova only receive files from idevices

  13. jawad

    i have tested this aap on 3g and 3gs 3.1.2 and 3.1.3. its going perfect.
    i must say its a hell of a job done.
    i have now upgraded to 4.0.1 on 3gs. jailbreaked it. now i am able to install ibluenove but im not able to transfer anything infact when i turn on the bluetooth from ibluenova it dose not discover anything. when will be the release for iOS 4.0.1 coming?

  14. googleplex

    So i have this texting app thing – that lets me send videos and recorded audio. I have an itouch. so i take pictures with the cell phone. bluetooth em onto my itouch. but i changed the directory to the /DCIM/ Apple 100 or somehthing like tht. so now my pictures bluetooth into my photo library as saved photos 🙂
    How do i do the same with Audio and Video???
    also – my video would be 3gp… how do i convert it to itouch format WITHOUt using a computer???

  15. adhe,kanhangad@INDIA

    i m using iphone 3GS.i installed the trial version of iBluenova.i m happy that now i m able to send images and videos to other mobiles.but the problem is that not able to send images and videos of larger size.i mean,even cant send images of good resolution(1 or 2 mb).the photos tat i receive is vissible in photo gallary.but dont know wer the videos and songs are saved.

    anybody….ny idea?

  16. Raman

    complete video for ibluenova(cracked)
    req.- 3.x n not working for 4.x

  17. Jawad

    I saw ur video and i tried it inspite of knowing that it wont work because this app dosent support iOS 4. I saw blackrain on ur iphone in ur video so i guess u wuld be runing iOS 3.x.x
    With which it has no issues.

  18. Pankaj Mehta

    I have Apple Iphone 3G. i downloaded ibluetooth as well as ibluenova and cracked it also but it dose not work. When i start ibluetooth it shows screen and comes out and when i start ibluenova it is not connected with other mobiles. Please suggest anything is missing or what?

  19. Jawad

    Pankaj what is the iOS version of ur 3G?

  20. Pankaj Mehta

    i am using 4.0 on 3G.

  21. jawad

    @Pankaj! sorry dude.
    you wont be able to run iblue nova on iOS 4.0.
    it only works with ios 3.x.x on 3G or 3GS.

  22. Pankaj Mehta

    Thanks for information but what about ibluetooth 1.0.8 it is also not working when i click on icon it starts and stops immediately.

  23. Mo3ad

    Am using iPad want to know how can I use bluetooth to transfer from mobil or any thing else…..plz
    Thank u

  24. cldjr

    Is iBlueNova 2.0 or 2.0.1 working indepandently from any other connection (Same Wifi as for Mac and iPhone)

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