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Quick Review: Samsung Galaxy S Android vs the iPhone

Samsung just wowed everyone at CTIA with the super charged GalaxyS. The Galaxy S is an Android device with a super CPU+GPU configuration that promises 3x the speed of the iPhone 3GS.

All well with the hardware, a 4″ AMOLED display, 5MP camera and 1GHz processor coupled with a nice PowerVR SGX540 GPU. When put into hardware performance figures this results in 3 times more speed than the 3GS. So does the Galaxy S make a Android phone that would put the 3GS to dust? On paper – yes. The superior display, camera, processor / GPU certainly makes the Galaxy a iPhone Killer. Coming out later this year itself, Samsung would perhaps go head on with the unreleased iPhone 4G, but for now the best comparison can be drawn with the 3GS.

IMO and with some common sense applied its clear that Galaxy won’t be anything revolutionary. The basic problem here is the fact that iPhone 3GS doesn’t lead with superior hardware but with fantastic hardware + software experience. No matter where you run the Android OS, it just isn’t on part with the iPhone OS. Havn’t we seen good enough tablets run Android? Are they by any standards as smooth as the iPhone / iPod touch? Its clear that the hardware in Droid, Nexus one and now Galaxy S has caught up with the iPhone 3GS easily – its software game now! Your turn Android

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  1. Tara

    I know what they’re saying. There is a smoothness in the iphone that I just can’t quite put my finger on (pun intended). But there is something to be said for breaking free of a monopoly. It makes me uncomfortable the way Apple dominates things lately. Not to mention AT&T. I’m very loyal to T-Mobile. They’ve treated me well for years. And the swype keyboard on the Galaxy seems very promising. I’ve held one in my hand and it feels an awful lot like an Iphone. I’m excited!

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