Apple delays iPad international launch, demand or production issues?

Apple just released a press note announcing a 1 month delay in the shipment of iPad outside the Unites States. Apple cited the heavy demand for the iPad as the reason for the delay. Apparently Apple has already shipped 500,000 iPads since its launch on 3rd April and is seeing good demand for the iPad 3G+WiFi version aswell (that would ship in US by month end.)

Steve Jobs had mentioned during the iPhone OS 4.0 demo that the iPad demand was more than expected and it seems that this was good enough to disrupt the international sale plans. As announced Apple would start taking pre-orders for the iPad internationally on 10th May.

The question in my mind (and perhaps may others) is that, is this shortage real? Or Apple has production issues to deal with? There were numerous rumors about the iPad launch being delayed – but that didn’t happen. However this announcement is enough to raise doubts in my mind.  Perhaps what hit the bulls-eye was an analyst prediction (claiming manufacturing bottlenecks and reduced supply) that I discarded before.

View the press release

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