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Issues/Bugs in Android OS running on iPhone 3G

Android for iPhone 3G was released last week, but this version has many issues/bugs. Here are the things that are currently not working on iPhone 3G running Android OS v1.6:
  • Market is missing, After installing Android you will notice that Market icon is missing, so you cannot install any apps.
  • Camera not working, Camera will launch and pop a message asking to insert SD card.
  • Samething happens when you launch Music app, it says that your Phone does not have any SDcard.
  • Calendar app keeps on crashing.
  • Touchscreen is too sensitive, and you will have a hard time while typing.
  • There is no power management tool, so thats why your battery lasts for only an hour. Even the Screentime out is not working, so screen is everytime on.
  • You cannnot shutdown you iPhone when running Android, SO you always have to force shut down,by hoding home and power button.
  • Also makesure that your SIM has not any password, if it has any lock code, start iPhone OS and remove the Sim password code.
  • Bluetooth is not working.
  • The only thing that I find working smoothly is WIFI and browser.

Planetbeing said that his current objective is to make iDroid OS fulling working on iPhone so that we can use it like any normal smartphone.

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  1. Bir

    i just installed android on my iphone 3g, and when it loads up it asks for “sim network unlock pin”.

    now that i am back in iphone OS. I have no network and the phone says “No Sim”. Please help. How do i remove Android off of the phone? or how do i fix this issue?

  2. What do you mean my back in iPhone OS? if you mean restore then
    there’s is no need to do that, as you can switch between iPhone OS and Android OS through OpeniBoot menu.. and regarding uninstalling Android, I’ll be posting soon a separate article for that…. …

  3. zscrugby

    Abhishek wat he meant was that he switched back to the iphone os on openiboot and went to settings an there was no sim code (i am having the exact problem. also my multitouch isnt workin) any help?

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