Much Improved Audio Streaming for the Apple iPhone 4G

When it comes o audio streaming there were several shortcomings, in the iPhone OS 2.2. Scrubbing through a podcast or audio stream was a big pain. Most of the times your streaming would start all over from the begging and listening to podcasts was just another great bummer.
Now in the iPhone OS 4 you can simply tap on the title and begin streaming (without actually having to download it). You can also play it in the background while you are working with other apps. Scrubbing is simply brilliant and you can scrub to any point and the audio will start streaming from that point in a matter of seconds. Unlike the early versions it now streams with complete efficiency and smoothness. A really great thing is that you can now leave your podcast at any point and no matter when you return back to the podcast the audio will start streaming from the point where you left.
Well we can say that Apple has really started focusing on their streaming services, and I tell you, they are doing it really great! This is indeed a really brilliant improvement, I just hope that they also add the ability to subscribe to podcasts and get respective notifications.

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