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Factory unlocked iPhone 4 Sold by Apple in UK, Canada & France!!

Yesterday Apple announced that Unlocked iPhone 4 can be bought directly from its online store!! The UK apple store and France apple store has already accepted pre orders and would be shipped from July 2.

The 16GB iPhone is priced at £499 and 32 GB at £599. This according to me is very competitive price considering that iPhone 3GS 16GB was selling at £450 until a few weeks back. Interestingly we can a 8GB iPhone 3GS at £419.00 !!

Here is what apple store says:

Your new iPhone. Direct from Apple and ready to use.

When you purchase your iPhone from the Apple Online Store, you’ll get it SIM-free. So you can sign up for service with the carrier of your choice and change your carrier at any time. Questions? Call our iPhone experts at 0800 048 0408.

And can you use it worldwide?? Heck YES!! see what apple says:

Can I use my iPhone outside my home country?
Yes. iPhone is enabled to work on carrier networks using GSM around the world. Because the iPhone sold by the Apple Online Store is SIM-free, you can purchase a SIM or micro-SIM card and service from a local carrier at your destination. Or check with your home carrier regarding international roaming charges.

Also note that UK carriers like O2, Orange albeit have given upgrade and tariff details, they havn’t still given the new handset prices. This might be at subsidized initial prices but have enter into a contract with the carrier. Would be good to see if the carriers come up with attractive prices to lure the customers 🙂

All you iPhone Fanboys out there what are you waiting for? If you want a unlocked iphone then just go pre-order!!

PS: I have already pre-ordered!! now just cant wait to get my hands on this new iPhone 🙂

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  1. Dave Mack

    Ordered mine from apple within 1 hour of going live. Mine still shows as delivery 24th June. Is this Correct ???

  2. Marc

    Not really new – I bought my iPhone 3GS factory unlocked from AppleStore Italia exactly 1 year ago (june 19th 2009).
    I guess many AppleStores will get the same deal when the iPhone4 comes to their countries…

    (Of course except USA, Germany, Japan, where there are still exclusive providers)

  3. Ali El Ayoubi

    i’m from lebanon and we havent any applestore in our country.
    tell me please how can i buy a Factory unlocked iphone 4g 32 gego?

  4. shantana vina

    i have a question. usually it happens in usa.. someone unlocks an iphone to use with T-mobile and they cannot upgrade the phone firmware. bcoz when u update the iphone firmware through itunes, it automatically locks the iphone again to ATT in usa. so u have to unlock it again. the iphones selling in canada or uk; will there any similar case like this? if anyone knows about it…..??

  5. ALI

    no there will be no problems like that,if you buy a factory unlocked phone from UK or Canada. it can be used with any carriers you want, and updating the phone will not lock it again.

  6. old_snake

    List of countries selling factory unlocked iPhone 4 officially The countries include: Saudi Arabia, Australia,
    Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxemburg,
    Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, South
    Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Canada,United Arab Emirates.
    wondering why France was not on the list? My answer is this: This list on Apple’s site includes all
    the countries/companies with an official iPhone release. Saudi
    Arabia has no checkbox under “Locked to carrier” so the iPhone
    is not locked. France have a checkbox under “Locked to carrier”
    but there is a checkbox under “Carrier offers authorized
    unlocking”. So basically if you buy an iPhone 4 in France then
    you need to ask the carrier to unlock it for you.
    Another interesting thing I found out is that the iPhone sold on
    Apple ’s Hong Kong Online Store is the cheapest world wide!

  7. Pete

    If i were to go to an Apple store in the UK in person will i still get an unlocked iphone 4?
    Because you said if you pre-order it from their online wondering whether this means if you were to go purchase it yourself too in store..

  8. RayRayy

    Question. If i buy a factory unlocked iphone 4 from the UK, would i be able to use it on my tmobile network in the US?


  9. Hellense

    Yes, you can ,the factory unlocked iphone 4 can work in any sim card and GSM servece’s provider.

  10. Granger


    I have an unlocked Iphone 3gs. I have synced it up on my PC via Itunes but when I click on Apps to enter info on the computer (to be updated on my Iphone) there is a haze over the page. That is I cannot click on any apps to update info on my pc. Any advice or help would be appreciated.



  11. Roya

    I bought iphone 4 from UK and I brought it to Iran.It doesn’t work the error is:yur SIM card is invalid.but the apple shop in uk told me this is an unlocked factory cell phone.what should i do?

  12. silchu

    I have a factory unlocked iphone 4G. I understand it will work with T-Mobile or At&t when I travel there. The question is, will it work with the data plans? Some people from at&t say it won’t and T-Mobile says I will have to set some configurations on the phone.
    Do I have to do that or it would just work??? I know the phone doesn’t give you the choice of changing the apn, it’s hidden.

  13. sergey

    hey, i am trying to buy a iphone 4 16g factory unlocked for 500 dollars..Were can i buy it? Who do i e-mail Or call? Please help?

  14. kaamran Malik


  15. shah

    hello all, would like to know where do u get factory unlocked iphone4???in USA its not available without contract is it that i will get in Canada?????or other places????plz do help me out in this????want to use it in India??????
    waiting for your reply…plz do help me out.

  16. hey can u tell me the price of Apple I phone 3GS White Color 16GB memory ( Factory Unlock ) in USA…..

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