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Devteam releases ‘ultrasn0w 0.93’ which works on iOS 4.0 with 05:13:04 baseband

Update Another update to Ultrasn0w is out. This unlocks the iPhone 4 as well as 3G/3GS basebands 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01 and 05.13.04.

Devteam rocks !!! They’ve released the unlock tool ‘ultrasn0w 0.93′ for iOS 4.0 which works on baseband 04.26.08 through 05.13.04 (that means all Basebands right from iPhone OS 3.0 till date, 5.12.01 included). This version of ultrasn0w will unlock all iPhone’s running iOS 4.0. People who had accidentally updated their iPhone’s to 3.1.3 OS and locked their device they can update to iOS 4.o and can unlock their device, Though deveteam have not mentioned about jailbreak tool, so it would be better if we wait for sometime till they come up with their new version of redsn0w.

I’m sure that devteam will be releasing the final version of redsn0w which will  jailbreak iDevices running with iOS 4.o. We’ll keep you posted on this.

To install ultrasn0w you need add this repo:

Note the ‘0’ in this URL is actually a digit zero “0”. And not the letter ‘0’.

Update: How to Jailbreak + unlock iPhone 3G running OS 4.0

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  1. carlos

    hey guys just want to say that u are the best on this. thanks for the unlock guys thanx 🙂

  2. Mike


  3. Brent

    You said.”This version of ultrasn0w will unlock all iPhone’s running iOS 4.0″
    So I have a question. If I update my phone to 4.0 then it won’t be jailbroken anymore. So how am I supposed to then get cydia, add the repo, and install ultrasn0w 0.93 on a iOS 4.0 phone??

  4. Mustafa

    !!!! i had 3.1.3 baseband 5 12 01 and i just went on cydia and it worked! no need to upgrade to 4.0 it will unlock 3.1.3. i confirm it.

    running on t mobile…finally!!!!

  5. tamact1947

    @Mustafa I have official 3.1.3 on my iphone 3gs which was never jailbroken/unlocked. I want to unlock my phone now. How can I make use of redsnow now to unlock?

  6. ehis

    it works. thanx a bunch. u guyz rock

  7. Great work guys…keep it up….

  8. Mustafa

    You need Cydia bro. There’s no other way to make use of it. You can quickly jailbreak it using spirit, it’ll take five minutes.

  9. motion

    FINALLY!!! It works! Running 3.13, 5 12 01 on my brand new out the box iPhone 3gs never unlocked but Jailbroken using Spirit. Installed Ultrasn0w 0.93 waited for the Reboot and opened up with T-Moblie as my carrier. Just made my first call. THANX!!!

  10. Abhishek Kothari

    my phone is unlocked…………………………… i m happy happy happy happy……… very very happy

  11. Abhishek Kothari

    thanks alot dev-team
    and everyone

    thank you very much

  12. word,
    2 iphone 3G’s unlocked successfully…no need to upgrade to 4.0 is it’s a 3G.

    im now stuck with a 3Gs on 3.1.3 waiting for the 4.0 download to complete.

    cheers dev team

  13. Mustafa

    You don’t need to upgrade to 4.0 os

  14. i don’t get this bit….the iphone 3Gs won’t jailbreak with any tool?? it’s on 3.1.3
    I have tried redsn0w…started with spirit…now finally tried sn0wbreez, after it creates the ipsw when you use itunes to restore ….error!!!

    any other tool…or what imi missing on the spirit…thought it was meant to burst a 3.1.3 3Gs!!

  15. jayman

    thank you Dev Team for the unlock.. I’ve been waiting for this like forever!

  16. D_omen

    Still not workingFor me. What am I doing wrong????
    I hav jb’d. Have cydia. Installed ultrasn0w. Still no reception???
    Sum1 Any1. Plzzzzzz lol. This is driving me crazy

  17. Jason Rosenberg

    I’m having the same problem as D_omen. 3G running 4.0/05.13.04. I installed everything with no problem. But, when the phone restarts, it searches for a carrier and then comes on with “no service.” I’m trying to get it to run on T-Mobile.

    Trying to guess what could be wrong – any chance that the phone has to be activated on AT&T at some point before being unlocked for T-Mobile? Any better guesses on why this might not be working?


  18. blindeyes

    Same problem here.
    it’s been 1 week i’m trying to unlock my Iphone 3G OS4 BB 05.13.04 BL 5.09 but still i ‘m stuck at “NO SERVICE”
    I’ve been following step by step Iclarified’s tutorial at least 4 times. I’ve started from a stock IOS4 JB with redsnow 5-b5 then installed ultrasn0w 0.93.
    My further not successfull attempts were:
    – 2nd jailbreak without installing Cydia
    – installing ultrasn0w without 3G, data network etc..
    – how swap with a different SIM
    Unfortunately it seems i’m not getting any good result so far. Also googlin “ultrasn0w 0.93 no service” i came across other users experiencing the same issue.
    Guess i might wait for Fuzzyband new version to downgrade the BB with BL 5.9 or other stuff.
    Any ideas ?

  19. JR

    I was having the “no service” problem. I got it to go away by making sure that my t-Mobile SIM card was installed from the very beginning (I had been doing it with a defunct AT&T card installed, and then putting in the T-Mobile card after the unlock was done. Once I did that, there were no problems. iPhone 3G, iOS 4.0, running happily on T-Mobile!

  20. Rip_Diggler

    I’m also having the ‘No Service’ issue. Have tried everything I can find on the net about unlocking. Have even tried restoring my phone back to its original baseband and OS before it stopped working and it still won’t get service. I think everyone needs to stop posting that Ultrasn0w 0.93 unlocks ALL phones…..because it aint unlocking mine!

    Not only am I unable to find any details on the net about how to fix it, but I can’t find anyone that can help. Have posted on nearly every forum I can find, but I think most people are too busy with the success of their unlocked phone. 🙁

    Can anyone suggest anything? Have tried the norm….reset network settings, airplane mode, re-install, restore, different OS, different baseband, different version of redsnow, different SIM. The ONLY thing I know will definately work is a different bloody phone!

  21. Mike

    Hey i have an iPhone 3g 3.1.2 and i used the ultrasn0w app off of cydia and i unlcoked PERFECTLY!!!

    Kudos to the dev team!

  22. carolina

    This is great news. Can someone show me how to do the unlock once in cydia

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