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How to jailbreak & unlock iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0

Post Updated: Dev-Team has updated RedSn0w  to fix an issue with iBooks. We’ve updated the redsn0w links.

Devteam released redsn0w 0.9.5 beta r3 which jailbreaks iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G. Since this redsn0w is still in beta stage so you’ve to update cydia, once your iDevice is jailbreaked.  We’ve successfully jailbreaked and unlocked iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0. Multitasking, Homescreen wallpaper and battery percentage working smoothly on iPhone 3G.

Here are the steps to jailbreak iPhone 3G:

  1. Install iTunes to 9.2 or you can download it from here.
  2. Download redsn0w 0.9.5 beta r3 for mac from here or if you are using Windows then download it from here.
  3. Download the iPhone 3G iOS from here.
  4. Now put the phone in DFU mode:  Switch off the phone then by holding the home button plug the data cable, keep holding the home button until you see the iTunes and datcable icon on your iPhone screen. (Detailed Instructions here)
  5. Once your phone comes to DFU mode, iTunes will detect your iPhone 3G and will ask for you to restore, By pressing the Shift key Click on Restore button. After that locate the downloaded firmware file that you’ve downloaded from step3.
  6. Let iTunes update your iPhone 3G, Once done you will see ‘Emergency call only’ on your iPhone 3G screen.
  7. Now Extract the redsn0w file that you’ve downloaded from step 2.
  8. Launch rednsn0w.exe and locate the ipsw file that you’ve downloaded from step 3.
  9. After that click on next, then you will see below window:

10. Don’t uncheck anything just click next and follow the on screen instructions.
11. Once done wait for your device to reboot.
12. Now launch cydia and update it, after that add this repo on cydia ‘’ . (the ‘0’ in snow is a ‘zero’ and not the letter ‘0’
13. Install ultrasn0w and reboot your iPhone. You are done.. Enjoy

Update: If you are facing issues while updating cydia then you should follow the steps mentioned here.

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  1. Trying now…

  2. Yeah dont worry… just follow the steps, I’ve tested it and it is working awesome.
    All the best

  3. Asgar

    I tried redsn0w beta 0.95b1
    It is not recognizing the ios4 which
    I downloaded from iTunes for my iPhone 3G
    Please help

  4. amitoj

    is it working for ipod touch 3rd gen..??

  5. Aditi Thapar

    Does this work with the original 2G iphone as well? :/

  6. Shawki

    I were stucked when i bought my iphone to 3.1.3 and i wasn’t able to unlock it, so I’m afraid to update it to 4.0 :S

  7. No iOS doesn’t supports iphone2G

  8. Asgar

    I tested ultraslow for 3.1.3 bb 5.12.01 it’s working fine

  9. @Shawki: If you’ve iPhone 3G go ahead and follow the steps mentioned above, I too have an iPhone 3G and I’ve unloacked and jailbreaked my iPhone 3G without any issue..

  10. This tutorial is for iPhone 3G only..

  11. @Assgar, Download the redsnw from this post..

  12. eryk

    it partially worked for me… cydia icon is all white, and it freezes after adding the repo on “downloading packages”

  13. Saud

    If somebdy have tried this please let me know the result……

  14. Shawki

    abishek, after i couldn’t unlock the iphone 3g, my cousin that live in us and i swap phones, so now i have iphone 3gs with 3.1.2, go for it and update to 4.0??

  15. Abhishek

    wait if you’ve 3GS..

  16. Art

    Does it preserve the baseband?….

    And how about iPhone 3GS with old BB?!….

  17. Abhishek

    no it updates the baseband… but ultras0w works for the updated one…

  18. Mike

    Thanks for the tutorial Abhishek.

    Can you confirm that ultrasn0w works with baseband 05.12.01?


  19. Mike

    Ah, thanks Abhishek. Disregard my last post.

  20. Bassist

    You do not need to put the phone into DFU mode to do this, you can simply update via iTunes to iOS 4.0, then use redsn0w to jailbreak and unlock.

  21. DoooooooooD

    Says I cant install ultrasnow on the iPhone 3G… i have baseband 05.12.04

    What gives??

  22. Bassist

    Make sure Cydia has updated, and refreshed its sources.

  23. Dear Abhishek,
    Im on step 11 and it still says Downloading Jailbreak data why is that? Thanks

  24. Bassist

    It’s simply just that… it’s downloading the data to your phone from your computer. Give it a little bit of time and it should complete.

  25. ok Bassist how long did it take you?

  26. Bassist

    I’ve occasionally had my phone crash whilst jailbreaking. It should be noted that you can disconnect it safely in the middle of it jailbreaking and start again from the beginning. Reboot your phone first then try again.

  27. ok yeah it finished but there was no jailbreak was still locked trying it once more time hopefully works

  28. Iphone is still locked after jailbreak

  29. Fraucha

    Following instructions, however it is locked on the waiting for reboot stage, how long should that take? This is 3GS went from 3.1.3 to 4.0, previously I was unable to unlock, but only jailbreak, something about a safeguard (encryption or hard wire) with AT&T… Hell I live in Ukraine now, I am out of my AT&T contract and just wanna use my phone lol. Anyway, it has been in “Waiting for reboot” for about 15 minutes now.

  30. Abhishek

    Cydia really takes long.. all you need to be patient… first you will see a white icon only.. once updated icon will come

  31. Bassist

    Fraucha, sounds like you have a 3GS running the new bootrom, if you were unable to unlock then, you are still unable to unlock now. Do not use the .IPSW used in this tutorial on your iPhone 3GS, it’s for 3G only.

    I suspect that ‘Good friend’ may have done the same on a 3GS.

  32. Fraucha

    Okie dokie! I will give it a few hours! Hey time to waste time playing WOW.

  33. Fraucha

    I see. I hate this. I guess I will just restore and use it as an iPod until I can find a way. Thanks.

  34. Fraucha

    Had I known that I was going to have this problem, I would not have upgraded my phone to 3GS, hind site is 20/20.

  35. Bassist

    Don’t be downhearted – iPhones rarely stay secure for long, with the Dev Team and Geohotz ‘tinkering’ round the clock.

    I believe Geohotz managed to unlock the iPhone 3Gs 3.1.3 running the new bootrom, but he hasn’t released anything packaged yet. I suspect that it will take no longer than a couple of weeks before your iPhone 3GS will be able to be unlocked.

  36. Fraucha

    I have patience, I have waited this long I can wait a bit longer. In the meantime I am using a Google Phone, I really dislike it, but it works with KyivStar and any other SIMM I put in. But still it is clunky and not easy to use. So, I will wait!! Thanks

  37. Abhishek

    @Fraucha Did cydia prompted for update??

  38. moe

    its not working u asshole :@

  39. Bassist

    Instead of leaving shitty comments like that, how about actually telling us why it doesn’t work. I guarantee it’s because you’re too much of a dumb prick to follow the instructions properly.

  40. Fraucha

    It actually never got past the reboot phase, so I had to restore and utilize the backup procedure to recover everything. It’s ok, I can wait until there is a firm fix for 4.0 (8A293) and firmware 05.13.04. I bought this 3GS 32gig right after the production run started, and had NO idea there would be complications, my fault for not doing proper research!! Thanks for your comments though 😀

  41. moe

    sorry about the bad comment i was pissed, the thing is. I have tried all the steps above and after that the screen just went black and now the phone is not being recognized by itunes. I don’t know what to do 🙁 sorry again

  42. Saud

    I have updated to ios 4 and have followed all the steps after launching the cydia its jus stucking on Downloading Packages. Please Help…..

  43. Fraucha

    Moe: I myself did not take offense, I have tried many things and head many people claim they can unlock my phone, all for nought. So, if I did not realize this was not for 3GS it is my fault for not reading that there was no “S” after each G3. No biggie. I had the same problem as you and just held down the power button for about 20 seconds after I closed out and unplugged and went back through the restore process at iTunes.

  44. moe

    Fraucha: I have tried it on iphone 3G not 3Gs

  45. Fraucha

    FYI my model number is MC137LL

  46. Aamir

    is there any solution for 3gs showing no IMEI and no ICCID? Stays in recovery mode, nothing works; no red snow no nothing and even the forecast doesnot give any information on firmware, base band etc. It was on 3.1.2 5.11.07 once I could use it a month back

  47. moe

    Fraucha: 1 last thing, i am entering the DFU mode but itunes is not recognizing my phone, it is sending and error. Anything i can do here ??

  48. Saud

    I have updated to ios 4 and have followed all the steps after launching the cydia its jus stucking on Downloading Packages. Please Help….

  49. deeqwerty

    My ipod 2g (MB) is stuck at waiting for reboot for the past 15-20 mins and the screen is all dark.

    Am I missing something something here?

  50. deeqwerty

    What I did was to exit itunes after I started redsnow. After that I followed everystep as indicated.
    Please help.

  51. deeqwerty

    Ok, got it. I was not releasing the home button immediately after 30 seconds.

    Its jailbroken now. thanks guys.

  52. Bassist

    @Saud: The Cydia servers are under an understandably high load at the moment due to the latest redsn0w release, just be patient and keep trying.

    I usually wait a couple of days after release before I do it, so that the servers are back under a normal capacity.

  53. Murali

    This works Gr8. I just unlocked 2 iphone 3G.

  54. Abhishek

    Guys Here are the steps that you should follow to update cydia:
    Make sure you’ve WIFI working on iPhone, You can check it by opening any site at Safari

    -First launch cydia, then it will reorganize, wait for sometime.(arounf 5-7mins).

    -Then if you still see the same screen then kill the cydia process( you can kill process by pressing the home button, then you will be redirected to homescreen then press home button 2times, it new tiny window will pop where you will see all the processes running in background, tap on process until you see the icon wiggling inthis case you to keep on touching cydia, then touch on the red badge, it will kill it).

    -Now again launch cydia and this time it will prompt you for what king of user you are, tap on first option. i.e User.

    – Now wait for sometime ( aroung 5-10mins at max).

    – You will see the list of changes, if not then kill the cydia process and again launch. this time you will the changes, do the complete upgrade. again wait for say another 5-7 mins.

    – Now again launch and add the ultrasn0w repo.

    – Install it and after that it prompt for reboot.

    – You are done..

    -So far I’ve unlocked 3 iPhone 3G by this method.

  55. danny

    the firmware file i download from step 3 when i extracted them and looked through itunes to restore it doesnt recognise any files from step 3 any help

  56. Saud

    @Bassist : Thanx for the information. M trying

  57. Saud

    Its Done Thank You very much

  58. Nelson

    Finished and works like a charm 🙂
    This is for newbies such as myself and no fancy techniques and all (i was still on os 3.0 and 04.xxxxx band). I was kind of skeptical about the beta version of redsnow but hey, all i need are making phone calls and browse .

    The whole process took me 3 hours (4 if you count the downloading of the ios system file, I am in China and it runs 40k/s), I spent most of the time on updating cydia files and trying to download ultrasnow.

    A few notes:
    1. Although the ios4 has multi tasking now, but you should set autolock to never after running redsnow cuz you probably want to keep an eye on the process on the screen.

    2. I spent a good 2 hours on deal with “host unreachable” error in cydia( for both cydia update and downloading ultrasnow) and eventually solved the issue by setting proxy of my wifi connect to, port 8080 (there is a state firewall in china blocking youtube and facebook, guess thats the reason but i had the same problem with cydia when i was on 3.0, but rock and icy did not have the same issue).

    3. I did not try this time but when i was updating to 3.0 from 2.xx, i tried many times and failed. turned out i had the sim card in the phone while i was jailbreaking and unlocking. this time i took out the sim card after i updated to 4.0 before all the jb and unlocking process, and after i installed ultrasnow(which automatically reboot), i insert the sim card and boom, 4.0 baby!

    good luck to you all!


  59. Razi

    Hey Abhi, thanks for that beautiful tutorial.

    Just one thing, Step 4 is a bit confusing. The instructions you wrote are for Recovery Mode (Holding Home Button and then plugging iPhone to PC), may be i m wrong.

    Thanks again for this great tutorial 🙂

  60. Michael

    Hey guys i have one question. Do this work and unlock my baseband from 3.1.3 and can i use my phone again ?

  61. Cheeky

    AWWWWESSSOOOOMMMMMEEE!!!! Thanks sooo much guys – been waiting months for this. 🙂

  62. Albert

    One question the cybian is been saying Downloading packages for about 15 minutes is that ok?

  63. Carrera

    @ Nelson:
    Thanks for your information. That’s nice!!! 🙂

  64. scott

    Tried this on my iphone 3g 5.13.04, got stuck at a black screen while redsnow was waiting for reboot, i held down the power and home button for like 20 seconds and it started back up, nothing deleted and no changes. Was that the reboot it was waiting for, and i just timed it perfectly?

  65. oscar

    how do i replace the repo?
    or do i need to?

    what is it?

  66. shawn

    i have 3gs upgraded to 4.0 can i unlock and jailbreak this

    i had downloaded redsnow 0.9.5b53 also i ahave downloaded ipsw restore for 4.0 it says incorrect ipsw

  67. Prajath

    Wow wow I had jailbreak and unlocked from your opinion. Iphone 3g 4.0 Baseband 05.13.04 Thank you very much.

  68. Bassist

    @shawn, no you cannot unlock your iPhone 3Gs using this tutorial. You need an iPhone 3Gs with a model number that does NOT start with ‘MC’ and the correct .IPSW file. The IPSW above is for iPhone 3G ONLY.

  69. Ok i found why cydia is behaving weird !! There is a problem with modmyi repo, jst go to repositories>modmyi & remove it.. After that cydia will become stable and i belive you dont need to follow the long steps that i mentioned earlier… Lemme know if you face any further issues….

  70. You can reinstall modmyi repo later on, once it becomes stable…

  71. Danny

    I’m downloading the zip file in step 3 when I extract it there is no .ipsw file there can anybody help me please

  72. arjun

    hey!!…i just cant download ultrasnow…just wen i press says no nodename nd all..wat to do???

  73. habib

    yessssssssssss it worked for me.
    i did my 3gs 32gb version 3.1.3 baseband 05.12.01.
    just did straight from my old cydia and went:SOURCES and intalled
    very easy like drinking water . took less than 30 second

  74. sanit


  75. Dave

    to all having trouble with the reboot. i was having the same issue when i stopped itunes from starting up all went well

  76. scott

    Just got this to work for me, at first the wifi did not work after my first jailbreak, but after taking out my SIM card it worked after another jailbreak

  77. sanit

    my springboard crashed so I had to unlock it again and now it won’t let me install the ultrasnOw??? what to do and will this be a problem if I don’t have the ultrasnOw? reply asap plz

  78. sanit

    never mind I got installed now

  79. shmelly

    The jailbreak (with redsn0w) & unlock (with Cydia/Ultrasn0w 93) worked for my iPhone 3G iOS4 5.13.04. It picks up the T-Mobile network and I am able to make/receive calls, however, it says I do not have any cellular data service (I have it on my plan). How can I fix this? Thanks in advance for the help.


    Just rename *.zip to *.ipsw

  81. yossi

    This jailbreak indeed works great – but it will leave your iBooks app unusable – use with caution!

  82. Bassist

    @shmelly, you will probably need to re-enter your data network details: From the main screen of your iPhone, tap Settings > General > Network. Tap ‘Cellular Data Network’. Then re-enter the correct data here.

    I don’t know the settings for T-Mobile but I’m sure you can Google for them or even call them.

  83. Geert

    All went well until Step 11. After the reboot the iPhone doesn’t seem to have activated the Sim card yet (only 1 signal strength bar and no network operator icon), not sure if this is normal? I also have a completely white Cydia icon? I don’t have wifi here so I will have to wait until I get home to see if Cydia can connect to the Internet using wifi.

  84. Nemesis

    I followed instructions to the tee, but when running Redsn0w I got an memory access error . Solution lay in disabled DEP (Right Click My Computer, Properties, Advanced TAB, Performance Button, Data Execution Prevention TAB, “Turn on DEP for essential…” or add “redsn0w.exe” to be excluded while keeping radio button “Turn on DEP for all programs…”

  85. Bassist

    @Geert: Your phone is Jailbroken but not unlocked yet. You need to use ultrasnow 0.93 on Cydia to unlock the phone.

    As for the icon appearing white, follow this guide.

  86. Post is updated, We’ve provided new redsn0w links..

  87. DK


    This seemed to work for me too! Also living in China… I had tried many proxy servers to no avail, why does this one seem to work?

  88. Shawki

    should i go for it on my iphone 3gS!!!??

  89. What do i do (it finally jailbroke but..) cydia is white icon please give me step by step instruction how to fix Thankzz.. Anyone??

  90. What do i do (it finally jailbroke but..) cydia is white icon please give me step by step instruction how to fix Thankzz.. Anyone?????

  91. What do i do (it finally jailbroke but..) cydia is white icon please give me step by step instruction how to fix Thankzz.. Anyone?

  92. Geert

    @Bassist: Thanks that worked perfectly! My 3G phone so far works perfectly with iOS 4.0.

    @Good friend: have a look at the reply Bassist posted to the exact same question I had.

    @Shawki: No! I assumed after a fairly smooth upgrade of my 3G that it would work just as well for my 3GS but alas ;(

  93. Geert

    I am looking at how I can either jailbreak and unlock my 3GS on iOS 4.0 (preferred option) or downgrade back to 3.1.2 so I can use it again (I tried the restore using an official 3.1.2 but I get a message saying my phone is not eligible for the downgrade!)

  94. Geert

    There may be some hope for me, I just managed to find out that I have the old bootrom (iBoot-359.3) so I guess I can still JB & Unlock my 3GS?

    How do I downgrade back to 3.1.2 so I can start again and do it properly this time?

  95. Bugoy

    after jailbreak of my iphone 3G IOS4 works perfectly, however cannot unlock it as there is no wifi connection. can someone help?Am I skipping something?

  96. Florence

    Thank you very much! Like you guys, I didn’t have a network signal after running redsnow, but when i updated my cydia and add “”, everthing was ok!!! The only problem i got is that I lost all my contacts, songs, movies, applications, messages, etc…. So if your planning on upgrading to IOS 4, better remove them all before the upgrade to speed up the process.

    It takes time, but it’s worth it!

  97. desi

    Hey can someone please help me out.. I’m an idiot so i might have done something or didnt do something very obvious. I’ve upgraded to ios 4.0, jailbroken en unlocked my 3g.AND ITS AWESOME. Anyway.. it works fine.. But my internet connection only works through wifi. so basically i cant anything with my phone outside of my house except for mtexting and calls. Does anyone know what might cause this problem..

  98. desi

    ok so i know whats gong on. Normally id go to network settings and add the apn thing. But there doesnt seem to be such a thing. the entire things changed.. Where can you manually change your network settings.. Help me please

  99. Shelly

    Hey Abhishek,

    Is there any unlock for Iphone 3GS 3.1.3, baseband 5.12.01?? Bootloader is 6.4. I have been trying to find something for over a few months now, and I was waiting for Dev team to launch something once OS4 came out… but I haven’t been able to find any update on 3GS 3.1.3 bootloader 6.4….

    Please get back to me.


  100. Gus

    iPhone 3G 3.1.3 redsn0w jailbroken, ultrasn0w 0.93 unlocked. Eveything is great. I don’t want to upgrade to iOS. I still have iTunes 9.1 on my computer (Apple). Is it safe to update the iTunes to 9.2 now? Will I have to jailbrake and unlock it again?

  101. michael

    I have a 3g iphone and i am doing everything it says to jailbreak the 4.o firmware but when i do it through redsnow it says that it is done but my phone is just at a black screen, it does not do anything else, any way to fix this?

  102. Jason


    I used pwnage and ultrasnow to jailbreak and unlock my iphone 3g (previously jailbroken and unlocked with blackra1n and running 3.1.2) with 5.11.07 baseband. The jailbreak and unlock worked, and I have all features, except for wallpaper. I have wallpaper on the lock screen, but not behind my apps.

    Anybody else have this problem? If so, did you fix it and how? Thanks,

    P.S. I had some paid apps through Cydia. When I re-download them through Cydia, will it automatically remember that I paid for them, like the App Store does?

  103. Jason


    As I was. I did some research and found out that the iPhone 3G does not support custom backgrounds. iOS4 for iPhone 3G still restricts the user to a black background. No problem, I’ll just use Winterboard.

  104. billym

    just jailbreaked ma 3g multi tasking, background and contacts fine only thing is ive lost all my tunes, how do i get these back???????????

  105. Jason


    All your data would be gone when doing an iPhone Restore…

    I used pwnage to jailbreak and unlock my iPhone 3G, which doesn’t add any features that the iPhone 3G wouldn’t normally support (i.e. wallpaper and multitasking). I’m gonna try using redsn0w now, but I might break my iPhone by using one hack after another. If so, oh well.

  106. Brian

    OK….I upgraded to os 4.0 on my iphone 3g, then jailbroke using red snow, unlocked with ultra snow, and I cannot get my Edge network to work on my phone! There is no celluar data option to put an APN, just an on or off switch. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everything but if ANYONE could offer ANY help, that would be great! I’ve restored several tiems, even as a new phone, tried, did not work.

  107. Tim

    hey it worked great the jailbreak and unlock just curious i cannot remove any repo i click on the edit tab and there is no way to remove them? also i always recieved my voicemail directly to my voice mail tab they would automaticly download to my phone so i never had to call and check it . if you have any ideas please help me out thanxs

  108. sandy

    Hi i have done this procedure on my iphone 3g os 4.0 and everything went right except for the cydia white icon. Can anyone tell me how to get it back to normal.

    Thanks in advance

  109. Confused...

    Hey guys quick question. I’ve unlocked my phone several times personally. But my brother used to use AT&T so he’s never unlocked his. Now he’s switching to Tmobile on the 3G and I tried following the steps above except iTunes doesn’t recognize the 3G .ispw I downloaded from this website. I was curious if I could just download the iOs4 from iTunes directly and then jailbreak from there or is this a customized .ispw? (I checked the iTunes version to the version I downloaded and both have the same name except the iTunes version has about 100,000 mb more. Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks in advance.

  110. Confused...

    Quick update:
    So far I’ve checked and iTunes claims the .ipsw I downloaded is a firmware which is not compatible? Redsnow on the other hand does not recognize the .ipsw I downloaded from iTunes but it does recognize the .ipsw I downloaded from this website. So now I’m stuck on whether I should try to update via the Apples default .ipsw and then try to unlock redsnow? But then I’d be using different .ipsw’s (apples to turn software into iOS4 and this websites version for Redsnow to unlock). Anyone know if this’ll work?

  111. Caleb

    I had Wifi Prior to Jailbreaking and now my iphone does not detect any wifi signals. I currently updated the firmware to iOS 4 and did the jailbreak. Iphone is a 3g model.
    Need some help troubleshooting.. THanks

  112. Desperate

    Hi, I followed the steps outlined here to upgrade my iPhone 3G software to iOS4 and thenn tried to unlock with the red snow beta now my iphone keeps getting to the downloading jailbreak data phase and then the red snow on my computer crashes. Windows claims the program stopped working. N.B. I did try running the red snow in administrator mode but to no effect. Now my phone is stuck on the emergency call screen every time I restart. Can anyone please help? I would really appreciate it.

  113. Prashant

    Hi guys,

    following are the specs of my iphone 3GS

    Base band 05.13.04
    Bootloader 6.4
    Model M B717
    Firmware 4.0

    How do I jail break and run on the vodaphone network in India.

  114. Geert

    @Prashant: I would not have upgraded to iOS 4.0 yet with a 3GS yet, I succeeded with a 3G but failed with a 3GS.

  115. jose varghese

    I tried to download the iphone 3g ios I am getting it as a zip file not an ipsw file , is it the correct format , can i update my iphone with this file or is this file only for mac or somthing like that

  116. trmf

    okay i did every thing and the phone is working but not the service on it and i don’t know how to add this repo on cydia ‘’ if someone can help me with that thanks

  117. Martin


    I have problems with the update. Firstly, I have problems while restoring in the normal way in iTunes. The restoring process stops halfway (the progress bar at the iPod). At the same time, my computer goes nuts since iTunes freezes and so on. Therefore, I tried using redsn0w.


    Everything goes according to the plan. The stage with “Downloading jailbreak data” completes (I guess), but then there’s suddenly an all white screen. Why, why, why?

    I so badly want to fix my iPod. Maybe it is bricked or something, I don’t know. It’s been non-usable since last summer. Thanks!

  118. Ben

    TRMF go to Cydia and let it update then search fro ultrasn0w install it and your done

  119. Martin

    Problem is:

    I can’t get into the iPod. All black in DFU mode. Every recovery fails halfway. Can’t get into Cydia or something.

  120. Brandie

    Hi all! I have used the jailbreak and unlock and it works GREAT!! I have a 3G. My problem is that everything works, except my cellular network. I am with Telus and cannot seem to find the correct info that I need to add to change my settings. WiFi works great! Does anyone know the setting for Telus? Please advise. Thank you!

  121. Yogi

    Hi Anyone

    My question right now i m out of country and i am using iphone 3g 3.1.2(jailbreak & unlock) but now i wanted to upgrade to OS 4.0 but the thing is that i dont hav my official sim card with me here is it poss to jailbreak and unlcok without using the original sim card which i had at time of purchase . So i tried number of websites but i am confused please guide me as i wanted to use redsnow for jailbreaking OS 4.0 but if i use activated custom ipse 4.0 it doesnt recognize if i use normal ipsw or original ipsw it recognise but i am afraid after that it will ask for the original sim card for activation .
    So let me know any one has any idea or advice on this pls mail me yaar

  122. Adrian

    Hi, I’ve just got an unlock iphone 3G loaded with 4.0 firmware. Downloaded itunes and how do I go about to jailbreak it? I’ve also tried to locate the ipsw file but couldn’t find it. Can any one help me? Thank you.

  123. Ayman

    Hey guys

    can someone tell me what do I need to do with my iphone 3G after the firmware 4.0 update it does not understand the DFU mode. I keep trying hold both buttons power/home and it worked before I am sure since I use to unlock it each release. Please help on this matter


  124. Drew

    I am lost on steps #4 and #5. I downloaded the ipsw file.

    First, recovery mode has the cable/iTunes image on the screen, but the instructions state to put it into DFU mode.

    Second, clicking on the shift+restore (mac) and that does not do anything. iTunes still wants to d/l from Apple server.

    If I can get past those two issues I think everything will be good.

  125. kdash

    hi. all i have some problems after using redsnow to jail break my iPhone 3G MB model with IOS 4.0 .. i found that wireless have some bugs.. at home i able to connect and online and at my work place can connect wifi BUT not able to online.. Not tat as well, Youtube also cant be use after jailbreak. need to use Push Fix to fix it..

    Everyone, Do your iPhone 3G will be more lagging / Slow respond while enable @ install with Multitasling ???

  126. Deonardd

    Hi Guys
    FYI the ipsw Firmware you downloaded is not truly a zip file … Remane from .ZIP to .IPSW
    I just jailbroke my iPhone 3g running on the 4.0 firmware with redsn0w 9.5 and unlock it for t-mobile, and it works fine

  127. Ayman

    thanks everyone, my son figured out what was the issues. It is not the phone it is with windows 7 and iphone driver some how it is blocked by windows 7.

  128. MJ

    I have a 3G Iphone with firmware 3.1.3 (7E18), baseband 15.12.01. I used Spirit to jailbreak, I got the Cydia icon on my phone, then installed ultrasn0w. I put my Orange sim card in it and it worked fine and I was able to make and receive calls. After I turned it off and on, it is now saying “waiting for activation”. It still says Orange in the top left, but no signal bars.

    I reintalled ultrasn0w many times it still doesnt work.
    I removed ultrasn0w and switched it back on again, that doesnt work either.

    Can anyone help please?

  129. tmac

    When I try to restore from itunes while my phone is in DFU mode I get the “…could not be restore because the firmware file is not compatible.” I downloaded the one you provided.

  130. Rino

    I have an iphone 3G 3.1.3, which i jailbroken & unlocked. But by mistake it has locked again, while i upgrade to ios4.0.1 through iTunes. Now what i have to do to unlock and use my SIM in UAE.
    Please help me.

  131. UAPotato00

    i actually having issues for my 3G 4.0.1 baseband 05.13.04. restored my phone to stock 4.0.1 inserted at&t sim card and works fine. as soon as i use redsnow 095b5-5 to jailbreak phone does not read any sim cards. tried to unlock with ultrasnow, nothing worked. any ideas?

  132. Oro

    Reinstall Ultrasn0w if your unlock makes Cydia icon go white. Worked for me.

  133. keyur

    Thanks a like a chram! but i’m not able to get battery % thing! 🙁

  134. Ben


  135. keyur

    Thanks 🙂 got the battery %

  136. Jork15

    Thanks, it works!

  137. Cosmic

    redsnow link for windows is not working

  138. chalky

    can i jailbreak my 3g version 4.1 modem firmware 05.14.02 thanks

  139. simppa99

    Hi. I have an iPhone 3GS running on 4.2.1 and when i try to update cydia sources it gets stuck on ‘Downloading Packages’. Any help please?

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