iPhone 4 Most Successful Launch in Apple's History!

Today, Apple posted some number about iPhone 4 launch, which I have awaited since the launch date. According to the statement issued by Apple today, it sold 1.7 Million in just the first 3 days. That’s a huge amount of sales given the initial hiccups that prevailed while pre-ordering and reserving in the US during the first 24 hours. In fact, it is almost two fold the record breaking iPhone 3GS sales of about 1 Million+ and much much higher compared to the first gen iPhone, which sold only around 2ook – 3ook during the same time slot. The sales figures of  its competitors like the latest HTC Evo 4G, latest entry in Android and iPhone’s ‘biggest competition’ (literally!) simply stink in comparison to the Jesus phone. With this, iPhone still holds the record of fastest selling phone, which once belonged to the good old Moto Razr V3.

A big reason that contributes to the sale is the affordable price of the new iPhone, which sells at just $200 compared to initial price of about $500 for the first gen. This is the same reason for which Apple has never been successful in India as people are unaware of contract system and $600-$700 simply sounds outrageous. Whatever it may be, Apple has proved it once again that they stand much higher compared to the competition and iPhone is not just plain luck, it indeed is the best smartphone till date!

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  1. @ the OP

    There is no doubt that the iphone sold more phones than its HCT Evo competitor. So you really you dont think the Evo is its ‘biggest competition’ trust me it is and whether you or any other apple fans like many of its features match and other are better than in the iphone. i have seen quite a few articles saying that most of those sales made were upgrades. ATT even allowed its customers to upgrade early (yes only dose people that are not far from their contract end date but still this would have helped initial numbers in ales).
    so really i doubt that most of those sales were of new subscribers to att. for instance 4 of my friends who love apple all were upgrading and two of them were early upgrades. and please dont say that i am just hating on apple because i own other apple products and i love my macbook. but i do have to admit when something is overrated like the iphone is. i mean it looks really nice all of the people i know that have iphones love to show it off. what i really don’t like is that apple adds bits every year which are just sales tactics to get people to buy their product again because it added a few things. Apple could have put many of those things in early models but they dont do i like that. i really dont care what a persons preference is if you love apple i dont care get the iphone but people just try to use your brain and at least do compare other units to the iphone and do a comparison dot base it on the fact that you love apple products.

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