Apple claims email(s) from Steve Jobs is fake

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Finally there’s some authentic news flowing in. We saw a lot of turmoil going on about the iPhone 4 reception issue since its launch. With the replies coming in from Job’s side, people were enraged all the more and their anger was visible on many known forums. Finally guys at Engadget have confirmed with the Apple PR and finally said that many emails claimed to be from SJobs are actually fake! We already know how easy it is to fake the emails, so we can support and give a chance to Apple in this case, thinking all the chain of emails regarding the reception issue were fake.

But, in the D8 interview and at WWDC 2010 Jobs himself confessed that he does reply to some individual emails. Now which all emails are we supposed to think of being faked and which were genuinely answered by Jobs. This still keeps the element of doubt in our minds! Stay tuned, we might find more on this interesting and confusing scenario. 🙂

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