iPad comes to 9 more countries on Friday July 23rd

Apple is gearing up to rollout its take on tablet, the iPad in 9 more countries this friday. The Apple gizmo that is by far the most awaited and cherished gadget of the year has already sold in millions and here in US I still see a 7-10 day wait period before we can get one in hand. On May 28th Apple had already rolle-out the iPad to 9 countries outside the US and now Apple fans in Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, New Zealand & Singapore will get the iPad officially now.

The iPad cost in these countries isnt expected to be the same as the attractive US pricing and the only way to get there is wait for Friday! Are you lining up to grab an iPad on the 23rd?
PS: If you are wondering about an India launch, don’t expect it before the iPhone 4 arrives. Thats September/October or later!  Blame the high demand and launch delays

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