Will iPhone 4 see a hardware change after Sept?

The antennagate / reception issue on the iPhone4 has got a lot of press and Apple is obviously watching. Recently Apple announced that it will give away a free bumper case to all IPhone 4 owners and this would continue through September 30th. When installed the bumper is said to defend the iPhone 4 against the death grip on the lower left side and thus save the reception issues that are being reported.

While Apple successfully demonstrated the attenuation on several smartphones (and we have our collection too), it is a fact that the iPhone 4’s issue is just a finger touch away – rather than a grip with the palm. Steve Jobs mentioned that after September they might have a better solution to this or they might continue giving free bumpers even then, however all indications are towards a hardware change / tweak. Perhaps Apple might consider sticking a band-aid or some other transparent coating on the antenna metal that surrounds the iPhone 4. The wait for iPhone 4 shipments in October begins …

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