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How to improve cydia’s performance

The only problem with cydia is that – it takes hell lot of time to load and refresh the package list, every time you launch it. There is one solution which helps in improving cydia’s performance. Well !!! all you need to do is to disable all the unwanted sections, I’d recommend to disableĀ  Theme related sections.

Here are the steps:

  • Launch Cydia and wait till it completely loads and refresh the new packages.
  • Go to Sections & Press Edit on top right hand corner.

  • Turn off, everything related to Themes, you can also disable other sections if needed.

  • Now relaunch the cydia and see the difference.

Note: This will not load/show Themes, Use above steps only if you don’t use Themes.

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  1. Marc

    I asked Saurik more than a year ago for 1 (one) master switch for themes.
    It’s a PITA to operate 2 dozen switches every time you want to enable/disable theme related stuff.

  2. thanxs for the tipp! works great.

  3. Kevin

    Yes. Great tip. Works in Rock too!

  4. SteveDeezy

    Wow..this has to be one of the freshest tips ever. Maximums!

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