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How to set animated Wallpapers & video ringtones on iPhone

Another good reason to jailbreak your iDevice is that it lets you  to  have animated wallpapers  and video ringtones (any iDevice  running iOS 4.x / iOS 3.x).  And if you’ve iPhone 4 then these animated wallpapers just looks awesome on Retina display.

Here are the steps to get animated wallpaper and video ringtones:

  • Launch cydia and goto Manage.
  • Tap on Sources and then tap on Edit button then  Add button.

  • Type and tap on“Add Source”.
  • Let cydia refresh the source list, once done you will see the newly added source, Tap on it.

Now look for vWallpaper if your iDevice is running iOS 4.x otherwise vWallpaper for OS3 for iDevice is running iOS 3.x, Install it.

I also did a short video on  vWallpaper running on iPhone 3G (I hope you dont mind LinkinParK playing on background in the video :D):

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  1. Chiapet

    Thank You!

  2. If you do not want to loose the data during the updgrae process, you need to make a backup in iTunes once. If you sync your iPhone everytime you connect it to the computer, it should not take too long. The backup may take long, but it should not be forever . It may be an issue with your computer or iPhone or both. During the backup process, iTunes showes a progress bar. Does the progress bar move at all or does it remain stuck? Try using some other computer, to see if that helps. Was this answer helpful?

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