Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad

Samsung is all set to go official with its Android based 7″ tablet – the Galaxy Tab. We have seen the teaser and have a fair idea of what to expect. Going against the iPad, GalaxyTab has a smaller screen but adds a good enough resolution (600×1024), a camera and an open OS. Samsung has worked hard to get Android apps compatible with the Tab, get a more handy form factor and also pack in a E-reader as per their claims.

The Swype text input seen in the Galaxy Tab video certainly ups the iPad, specially since the Tab can be handled much more easily and would obviously be much more light weight than the Apple iPad. However can they match the UI? Apps? and web experience?

Samsung hasn’t made any bold claims like LG, but have assured video calling, augmented reality and HD playback on the Tab. Here is a comparison of the specs as we know yet:

Features Samsung Galaxy Tab Apple iPad
Screen 7″ Super AMOLED* 9.7″ IPS display
Input Swype Text Input +Onscreen Keyboard On screen Keyboard
OS Android 2.2 iOS
Camera Yes, Video Calling No
Resolution 600×1024* 1024×768
GPS No Yes*
App? Android Market App Store

* rumored!

One thing I am excited about is having a decent Android based tablet out there in the market!

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