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How to access Gmail’s New ‘Priority Inbox’ feature on iPhone

Ok I was just playing with Gmail’s ‘Priority Inbox’ and was wondering if  I can access all my Priority emails on iPhone and luckily I found out a way  to access it. Well Priority Inbox is Gmail’s latest feature that figures out which of your messages are important, and presents them at the top of the screen so you don’t miss them.

Here are the steps to setup priority inbox:

  • All you need to first enable ‘Priority Inbox‘ feature on Gmail on you Browser in PC/MAC/Linux. If you haven’t yet activated it then you will see the notification on top-right when you login to Gmail.
  • Once you activate the ‘Priority Inbox’ you will see on Priority Inbox on left pane just below the Inbox

By default, once Priority Inbox is activated, it can figure out which mails are important  and automatically puts them on Priority Inbox. But google has also given you the power to define which mails are important and which are important.

  • You can mark mails important by first selecting the mail that you want to to treat them as important then click on button. Similarly you can remove mails from priority inbox by first selecting the mails then clicking on .

  • Once you are done with the aforementioned steps, Just launch Mail app on you iPhone.
  • Click on MailBoxes button and scroll-down a bit and there you will see Gmail Folder and inside Gmail Folder you will a subfolder by name ‘Important

The Priority Inbox algorithm just pushes email to “Important” folder on Mac’s Mail and iPhone’s Mail app.

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  1. Ali

    Kind of tricky to take a picture with the inbox highlight huh?

  2. Christopher Garvis

    Does “Important” only show up for a “GMail” mail account? I’ve added my gmail account as a exchange server so that I can get instant updates. I don’t see the “Important” folder even though I have unread “priority” emails.

  3. Justin Hardesty

    I have the same problem as Christopher Garvis

  4. Moot

    Same happening as Christopher

  5. Moot

    Workaround is:
    – disable Mail in Exchange configuration
    – use the built-in Gmail Mail configuration

  6. DW

    PROBLEM with this solution . . . IF YOU USE APPLE MAIL on your computer, using this solution you will end up getting duplicates of your mail — as apple mail treats “Important Mail” as a folder, and while it puts your designated mail there it also has it show up in the regular In Box, and this means that Apple Mail shows that same email twice (in the In Box and in the Important Mail box), so you end up staring and duplicate emails for all of your important stuff.

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