iPhone 3GS / 4 Big Screen, Large Icons or Zoom Problem?

Most of the people aren’t aware of all the features that Apple integrates into its updates for iPhones. One such feature is zoom in screen. Zoom in feature was added to the 3.x iphone firmware and was available to iPhone 3GS so that they can view bigger icons. However, most of us are not aware about this feature and we accidentally activate it by double tapping three fingers on the screen and then can’t think of what to do and try for a reboot.

To solve this problem just double tap with three fingers again on the springboard. The screen will unzoom and screen will come back to normal size. To deactivate this feature you need to go to Settings/Accessibility and switch off the zoom feature.


  1. What a PITA this was! I accidently activated it, having no idea it was even an opetion today at work. I pretty much assumed my 4.1 software was corrupted, since I just downloaded it before work. I missed several calls because I couldn’t scroll around the screen to slide the answer bar in time. Of course, I got home and began the restore process, only to search for the problem and find this site. Thanks for the info. Now I know what to do if it happens again

  2. Thanks. Some websites are telling me that I need to find the guarante or even disable the iphone in order to fix this thing. Thanks you

  3. Thanks so much. Picked my phone up in the dark and it was like this, total PITA! Appreciate it!

  4. Thank you
    I totally freaked out

  5. Thank you so much for this – I was all set to hotfoot it to nearest Apple store convinced it was broken!

  6. thx vry mch

  7. Thanks a lot for this bit of info. I don’t know how I activated it, but I was very relieved to find your hint.

  8. TY for this info! I know I had done something to the phone, but didn’t have a clue to put it back to normal. I almost paid $38 for this info. So glad I checked around 1st! : )

  9. Tnx for the info….. Very helpful tips.

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