iOS vs Android, interesting stats about web usage

Mobile internet is buzzing and its interesting to see how different platforms are competing to get a share of this market. As it seems, iOS (led by iPhone) is ruling the web usage market when it comes to handhelds. Here are some interesting stats about iOS and Android web usage:

  • iOS has 1.18% share of the internet market. Up from 0.43% in November 2009
  • In comparison Android now has 0.24% share compared to 0.3% in Nov 2009
  • The iPhone rules when it comes to iOS, contributing 0.75% of the 1.18% share iOS has
  • In comparison the iPas has 0.30% and iPod  is left with 0.12%

If you note the iPad is bigger than Android alone. And what is hurting Android is perhaps the fragmentation here.

On the Android side, version 2.1 is the most widely adopted of the three, with .08 percent. Android 2.2 and 1.6 are ranked immediately below with .07 percent and .06 percent, respectively, while Android 1.5 trails behind with .02 percent. – Via Mac World

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