iOS 4.2 update may arrive on Nov 12 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Apple had promised to release iOS 4.2 update for iPad in Nov back on 1 Sept. when new generation of iPods were launched. Little did we know then that the Nov will also be the month when Apple will release iOS 4.2 update for the iPhone and  iPod touch as well. So all three family of devices – iPhone, iPod touch and iPad will be getting iOS 4.2 update together. However, no fixed date for release of iOS 4.2 update had been officially announced.

German blog iPhone-Ticker, figured out that Apple has set Nov 12 as the date to release the Carrier bundles  by O2 Germany and Vodafone for the iPhone owners in Germany.

However we really can’t know what’s going on at Apple HQ for we can’t draw conclusions based on Operator Specific files. The iOS 4.2 update is looked upon anxiously to fix the famous iPhone lock bypass by key sequence bug. Also we hope that iPhone 3G users complaining of sluggish and slow performance of iOS 4.0/iOS 4.1 would be fixed after this update.

Do remember that Apple will also release the iTunes 10.1 software to compliment the iOS 4.2 update. If you’re going to be the eager “Me First” soul then it is quite a possibility that you might end up letting your iPhone locked down. Hence, we suggest you to wait till the jailbreak developers give a heads up on the iTunes 10.1 and iOS 4.2. By then you can certainly take the back up of your iOS device’s SHSH Blob using the TinyUmbrella software from here. You can follow the steps mentioned here to save your SHSH Blobs since the method is applicable to all iOS devices.

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