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Fixing Charging is not supported with this accessory / always on earphone on iPhone

There is a very common issue with the iPhone and off-late a lot of you have pinged us on twitter asking about the “accessory not supported” or the iPhone always being on handsfree mode even when you haven’t connected the earphones (or not going to headphone mode when you connect one). Well this isn’t unique to the iPhone but very common issue in the case of iPhones it seems.

Often on other handsets it is an issue with the headphone jack not being clean (can be a case with iPhone aswell) but more often than not it’s a troubling dock connector. You can clean the headphone jack with an ear bud or just ramming the headphone in and out a few times (a little vigorously)

How to resolve?

A good cleanup of the charging dock should fix this for you.

How to do that?

Haha, that is a puzzle but go a little old school and it’s easy to fix. Find an old toothbrush and a perfume bottle. Spray some perfume on the brush, swing it like Harry potter’s magic wand and clean the charging dock nicely. Worked for me and some of our friends on twitter!

This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone

This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone

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  1. sevencoloredwar

    OMG- thank you!
    It worked.

  2. kpl

    You saved me! I was done to 5% and after cleaning the phone and charger it is now charging again. Thankyou

  3. Hanoz

    Doesn’t work 🙁 any other suggestions? I think thishappened after my Iphone 4 updated it’s firmware to 4.3 or something.

  4. Feroz

    Wow! Thank you! I’ve been struggling with this issue for months! Can’t believe how easy that fix was!

  5. André Cruz

    Holly crap, +1000 ‘likes’ to this post!

    This solution sounded so retarded that I even checked to see If this was not a troll blog, and I was going to break the iPhone doing It.


    It just worked!

    Thank you, thank you so much. I was really freaking out with this warning on my lockscreen and was planning on selling the phone for cheap just because of It.

    Also, a tip for the others: you don’t actually need the perfume, try cleaning the connector just using the toothbrush first. Because I imagine It’s safer. And for me It worked nicely. Then try with the perfume If the previous did not work.

    Thank you again.

  6. HOHOH Thanks dude. It really worked.
    I don’t belive it…

    • Annkur P Agarwal

      If this information helped you, please do share this with your friends on Facebook / Twitter 🙂

  7. Brett Hicks

    my phone was in my pocket and it was raining, im sure that it got wet at some point. the first message to pop up was this accessory is not optimised for this iphone. at that point the phone worked fine, it did that for a day or so. then i got the charger is not supported with this iphone message, so now the battery is dead and my computer wont acknowledge that my phone is even plugged into it nor via wall charger. any suggestions?

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