Angry Birds cites fragmentation issues on Android, Tweetdeck frowns

The 2nd most downloaded paid app on the iTunes App Store is Angry Birds and it seems that its developer Rovio is having troubles with Android. They have apologies to users facing poor performance of their app on Android devices citing fragmentation as a nature of Android.

There are dozens of hardware and several software versions of Android that are out there and its certainly difficult for any developer to keep up. Rovio has confirmed that their game isn’t compatible with 17 Android handsets and doesnt support Android OS versions older than 1.6. A lightweight version of the app might well come out to please the Angry fans 🙂

Steve Jobs used Tweetdeck as an example of developers being troubled by various Android OS versions and hardware floating in the market. While the attack by Jobs was pretty much direct during the Apple Q4 earnings call, Tweetdeck was quite prompt in shooting down the issue very aggressively. But it seems that Steve Jobs has some support from Angry Birds developer Rovio.

Android is fast evolving but the fragmentation and variety of hardware remains, it would be interesting to see how Google tackles the issue. For we already know that Windows Phone 7 is being treated quite Apple like by Microsoft and there are strict guidelines by Microsoft to make a WP7 device (so much that Sony Ericsson feels like its not worth it).

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