No Antennagate on the Verizon iPhone

It was simply too much to expect another “Antennagate” from Apple with the launch if the CDMA iPhone. But there were people who wanted to be sure and as soona s they got their hands on the device, the first thing they did was to check if it suffered from the much maligned death grip problem. To their relief (or disappointment) it did not.

Just for starters, the CDMA iPhone uses a different antenna configuration from its GSM counterpart and since Apple would have learnt its lessons from Antennagate, this was kind of well.. expected.

Anyway note that these crude tests were only conducted on pre release devices that were shown off at the time of launch. It remains to be seen if the death grip does make an ominous come back once the CDMA iPhone launches on January 3 for Verizon consumers and January 10 for the public at large.

For now, we can all be assured of the fact that there won’t be another press conference where Steve Jobs comes on stage and asks people to hold their phones right.

[Via MobileCrunch]

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