Bold Claims On Upcoming iPad / iPhone, But Expected!

Now that the Verizon iPhone 4 has gone official, a lot of tech pundits feel redeemed. They all hit the bulls eye after a 4 year wait 😛 And now the rumors and predictions of the next gen iPad and iPhone 4 are heavy. CES saw some crude iPad 2 models, which are nothing but accessory makers guesses on how the iPad 2 would look like. But it seems Engadget has some sure answers to where Apple is headed in 2011 with its iOS champs.

Here are the claims:

  1. Apple shifting to Qualcomm chips (current is ‘Infineon’)
  2. iPad 2 in April, 12 month cycle (just as for iPhone / iPods)
  3. “super high resolution” display on iPad 2, much like the Retina on iPhone 4
  4. SD card slot in iPad 2nd gen, but no USB slot
  5. New iPad will come with GSM/CDMA chip from Qualcomm (making it work with Verizon and AT&T)
  6. iPhone 5 is completely redesigned and is being tested by senior staff on Apple campus only. Will sport the same GSM/CDMA chips from Qualcomm.
  7. A5 is Dual Core (ARM Cortex A9 based) and does 1080p HD like ‘running water’

Engadget has probably always hit the bulls eye with such bold claims based on trusted sources and we trust them like always. But this time around we feel an SD card slot, slimmer design etc is quite expected from the iPad. One of the complains of the current iPad is surely the weight (specially with a cover) and Apple sure has its work on it. The A4 chip was introduced with the iPad 1st gen and we can surely expect Ax (A5? A8? ) to comeup with iPad 2. Dual camera, FaceTime etc are usual suspects. Is there something out of our sight that Apple is working on?