What We Want From iOS 5: Smarter File Access

Apple is known for things they do not do, just as much as they are known for what they do. One of the things missing from the iOS for long is the file system access and control over the content in the handheld. So if I have a PDF attachment on my email, I can chose to open it with a particular application like Could Reader or iBooks, but not save it on the handheld. Or for that matter if I have synced some pictures from iTunes to my iPhone, I can’t delete those pictures from the iPhone, I need to sync again with iTunes. Now while these things work quite well with apps and all, there are some minor frustrations that can be dealt with ease. And that too without compromising the control that iOS has!
How about allowing attachments on the Mail app? Instead of manually copying images from library and pasting inside the email, or just being able to email one PDF from iBooks, why not allow us to read files from the applications and attach in the Mail app itself? Or how about some kind of storage inside the iPhone, which lets us list only supported file types in a folder setup. All PDFs together, all Documents together, All notes… and so on!

Not allowing USB Mass Storage is fine, but not being able to handle content in a flexible way is sure a frustration. I have seen so many people switch to Android for just this open love. While I personally hate folders for browsing through my content on a mobile, there is a gap in iOS and we hope that Apple would innovate with some new ideas here !

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