Apple's Cheaper iPhone? Potential Specs

A recent article at the WSJ suggested that Apple is gearing up to hit the mass market segment with introducing their first line of less expensive iPhones. The new iPhone variant is said to easily fit in with the competing mass market smart-phones bearing a close price range and almost half the price of the regular iPhones. The source claims one their people to have witnessed a prototype of this device first hand.

Some of the interesting claims by the source pointed that the cheaper iPhone will be around half the size and much lighter than the iPhone 4. It will feature an edge-to-edge screen and voice based navigation. Apple is also said to be working to revamp it’s MobileMe online storage service, a cloud computing concept which allows users to store – retrieve data and synchronize their calendars and contacts from a centralized location and thus reducing the hassle of possessing extra storage capacity on the concerned device. This service is currently available on a fee based subscription and may soon become free of cost.

If this is what is really brewing into Apple’s cooking pot then it’s a delightful news for the consumers when the price point is considered. Considering the small size of the so called ‘cheaper iPhone’, it’s more of a wait and watch scene and see how the important factors like web browsing and UI experience will be accommodated into this tiny device.