Engadget Awards Apple iPad as The Best Gadget Of The Year

Results are out, 1,00000 folks voted for the various gadgets in different categories. The Editor’s choice also gave their opinions and the conclusion led to the Apple iPad as the Best Gadget of the year. It’s nothing new for Apple iPhone to be awarded as best phone as it won the same title in MWC, Barcelona this year. Apple iPad has been the revolutionary device for 2010 that made it an incredible year. In the start, iPhone 4 surrounded itself with endless rumors regarding the Antennagate issues but later on Apple admitted it by providing free bumper/cases for the affected customers.

Here are the Editor’s opinion on :

The Apple iPad – Gadget of the year

”The iPad won this one going away — there’s just no denying the influence Apple’s tablet had on the industry this year. But we think the Evo 4G will be remembered as the first of an entirely new breed of smartphones, and that’s pretty amazing too.”

Apple iPhone 4 – Phone of the year

”We went endlessly back and forth on this one, but in the end the iPhone 4 won out — it’s simply a more polished device than the Evo, and it set a dramatic new quality standard for mobile displays.”

So, do you agree with the results ? Comments are welcome.

[via Engadget]

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