Apple Milestones, 100 Million iPhones, 100mln iBooks & $2 Billion To Developers

Apple developers paid over $2 Billion

While the iPad 2 announcement has take over the entire buzz yesterday, the Apple milestones announced by Steve Jobs are worth noting. Apple made several announcements yesterday and the most interesting one IMO is the amount developers have earned on the App Store. Steve announced that developers have made over $2 billion from the App Store. Thats very interesting and in the tablets race, Apple’s trump card for now. Here is a look at all the announcements at the Apple event yesterday:

  • iBooks: Launches less than a year ago and 100 Million books downloaded already. Random House brings over 17000 books to iBooks store. Over 2500 publishers now on the iBooks store.
  • iTunes, App Store and iBooks: Apple now has 200 million accounts combined for these three stores. ‘very likely’ the most number of accounts anywhere on the Internet (with credit card).
  • App Store Developers: Paid out over $2 billion. As I said before!
  • 100 Million iPhones: Steve didn’t mention how many iOS devices are out thee, but we now know that over 100 million iPhones are out there. And thats huge!


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