Motorola XOOM VS Apple iPad 2: Dawn Of The Tablet Wars

Motorola Xoom Tablet, runs Honeycomb android

It’s just been a week since the launch of the Motorola Xoom, the first tablet running Android 3.0 and its already under attack by the pioneer of the post PC era – Apple. The release of the iPad 2 has caused an uproar in the industry because of its sleek design, light weight, high end specs and  good battery life. All this, in one package without a price hike!

This is where the real Tablet wars begin.

Let us see how the current king of the Android tablets space fares against the new kid on the block from Apple. To start with, both of the devices sport a 1 GHz Dual core processor with high end graphics, the display size of the Xoom is slightly bigger than the iPad 2, the resolution of the iPad 2 is 1024 x 768 while resolution of Xoom is 1280 x 800.

Apple iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2 has no external ports while the Xoom has HDMI port.  The iPad 2 though is HDMI capable using Apple’s new accessory. The Xoom is a bit heavier than the iPad 2 but the iPad 2 comes in with 65000 Applications for the tablet UI whereas Android is just getting started with 100. The sleeker design and lower price surely gives Apple an upper hand! [display model1=”iPad 2″ model2=”Motorola XOOM” ]

So is 2011 the year of the iPad 2? Well it looks like is. The Xoom turns out to be expensive and Honeycomb is a great leap ahead, but just not there when looking at iOS 4.3. Well this is just the beginning, there are many tablets to come out. While its true that the Android tablet application environment is relatively very small, its just been a week since the Xoom has started to arrive.  As people may argue, Android will eventually take over… but will that happen in 2011 is the question.

What do you think?



  1. The ipad 2 will have an accessory that allows hdmi output.

  2. Forgot some details about xoom?
    4g !
    Better browsing with tabs !
    Better multitasking !
    Better handling og apps not meant for tablets !
    Customization of homescreen !
    Better notification system !
    Stereo speakers !
    … And more
    … And btw, dont embarras yourself by such a false price comparison !

  3. ipad2 has only 512Mb RAM.
    Xoom has 5 sensors
    Xoom has USB, HDMI without expensive connectors (count them into ipad2)
    Xoom has 10h battery/ video playback on its 16:10 HD screen
    And Honeycomb. Do not forget Honeycomb, it’s not just scaled ios.
    Xoom is better if to compare comparable.
    It’s not expensive. Xoom forn $799 is the most advanced Xoom. Motorola hasn’t a Xoom line-up of 6 Xooms. Xoom for $799 would be the most expensive of them. The most expensive ipad2 costs $829.

    You can’t have more memory on iPad2, not buying another ipad2.
    Count and Smart Cover price in.

    ipad2 isn’t a gold ratio and 2011 isn’t the year of it.

  4. Jesus, how can u even imagine the ipad 2 being better than the xoom, motorola outdid themselves and released what a tablet ought to ne like…….. apple isnt even close, who’s the retard apple lover that wrote this stuff?

  5. Do you even know anything. You didn’t mention anything about what xoom can do.
    I’ll put the xoom up against the ipad isn a 1 on 1 comparison any day.
    Multi tabbed browsing
    Better cameras
    Hdmi out
    Sd card slot
    higher resolution screen
    Notification l e d
    Advanced multi tasking
    The operating system is optimum 4 tablets( unlike the ipad which is really still just the itouch)
    Dude it’s not even close!!!!!!

  6. Oh please…. iOS for iPad isn’t scaled… Its the perfect simple OS that so many people love to use without racking their brains. Many Small and young people get frustrated using Android because it is so un user friendly compared to iOS. YOU DO Have to note that all of the iPads except for the highest end version is cheaper than the Xoom… iPad 65,000 tablet specific apps, as compared to Android’s 100… iPad has a proper scale to fit function and with Android you only have luck as to whether the app will work with your tablet. Do note that the XOOM will most likely be unsupported 6+ months from now where as with the iPad you get at least 2 generations of support. 🙂

  7. Wow people talk so typical here. When shall you realize that better specs sheet won’t make a super hit gadget? Adding more sensors isn’t the way, it’s about the experience. That’s the integration of hardware and software!

  8. Yeah, I think you left quite a bit out of the XOOM Specs… I find it rather annoying when people post biased reviews. So what if you love Apple, but if you are going to rate a product, compare it to it’s equal candiate… The price of the Wifi Only XOOM is 539, not 799. 799 is the carrier 4G package. The XOOM also has the capability to shoot/record 720p video, and uses 802.11a/b/g/n wireless transmission.

    One of the largest reason to buy the XOOM over iPad is the support (or near future support, rather) of Adobe Flash. Apply made their own bed there, and sure pissed off more than most of their interactive developers and web video enthusiasts… HTML5 is way too far off to have made that call.

    I (obviously) am not a forbidden fruit lover, but if this were my post, I would have approached it in a pure, unbiased comparison.

  9. You need to do better research before posting, Apple fan boy. Xoom only costs $799 if you don’t purchase a data plan. It’s $599 if you get a data plan. In addition to glaring omissions pointed out by others, you missed all all of the Xoom’s sensors like a built in barometer. Xoom’s hardware runs circles around iPad2.

    If you’re going to do a half assed job of comparison, you shouldn’t post at all.

  10. Also, I’m confident that with Java being such a mainstream hardware development language, and having the ability to be programmed on boxes other than a mac, you will see Android app availability compete even harder that it did when it surpassed the iPhone. Put that in your Mac and smoke it.

  11. I agree that Motorola Xoom is better than the iPad 2 in specs, hdmi out even the price is lower than iPad 2 as now motorola is now offering 100$ cut on the Xoom, but it is not about that!! its about the users who use it, most of the consumers don’t need a tablet which has about 100 odd apps!! The world right now if you look at it is application oriented!! the crowd craves for apps and a normal good looking sleek UI which everyone can use, i am sure that Honeycomb looks good and it will be great but not now its just the start of the Android revolution, the Xoom is like the G1 many more tablets with greater specs and better Android version for the tablets are yet to come but right now what the consumers would prefer is the iPad 2 because apple has already established itself in the tablet market and motorola is a new comer. There are people who also think that the tablets were invented by Apple and the iPad is the first tablet…well this is the world we live in so its not about loving the fruit but appreciating it and moving on so that we can welcome better devices from both android and ios in the future!!

  12. The simple fact of the matter is that most Android lovers have a biased view of things. If you say that specs is all that a tablet needs, then may the universe help you! Ajit rightly said that it is an App oriented society that we live in! I personally have 3 Android phones but I keep them for I love to play with them. Android and Google have a long way to go before they can compare to apple in any manner. Google with Android had the vision of cheap smart-phones and that has come true.

    At this point of time and in the current scenario any Android tablet running any version of Android is a fancied net-book. Get the app universe to support you and then let us have something innovative in the field! Till then the specs are an utter-waste!

  13. YES precisely! It is more about the EXPERIENCE. Not so the hardware. Of course the hardware would help, but people like Apple because of their simplicity and elegance, and how they think of their customers! You talk about future adobe flash support, come on, how big is that. With Apple your looking at total REVAMPS of iOS every year and sure-fire support for 2 years. You don’t get that with Android. And eventually you’ll be at the losing end! -_-

  14. If there is one gadget that will replace Apple iPad, it is none other than Motorola Xoom. It has everything you need and everything you want. From the superior Android 3.0 all the way to the 1280×800 resolution screen, no other device can outperform this monster. Truly one of a kind!

  15. Hardware isn’t everything. Support, Open sourced- customizability and viruses, Closed – Lesser customazibility but no viruses. The average consumer needs something simple and gets the job done, this is where the iOS excels in- Simplicity. I have a Android device and frankly speaking, it is not as user friendly as iOS, even though it is more customizable. Don’t tell me you see the XOOM being supported like the iPad? Once Motorola pushes out a new tablet, say bye bye to any future updates for the XOOM. I am not a fanboy i am just stating the facts. Android because of its open sourced nature, is a prime target for smartphone hackers in the future. Just for now the iPad 2 seems to set the bar higher than what Android can offer.

  16. also talking about apps that make your tablet more than a computer running apps to an instrument> See garageband!

    or something that you so naturally interact with, beyond and ahead of what a computer as we know offers you. I sincerely believe that Notion Ink had the right direction with what they started, but Apple delivers. Are there frustrations on the iPad? Yes. I hate an attachment for SD cards or a accessory for HDMI out. But then, its a trade off for the beautiful UI, apps … that I am ready to make. Does that mean I don’t like Android? or Xoom? Well no. I await the opportunity to give it a real try. But from what I see, I am not pushed to call up friends returning from US to get one for me!

  17. i get that y’all feel apple delivers and it does, but the ipad 2 is not much different from the ipad, except in physical appearance, screen res. is the same, cameras are not so badass, dual cpu is the major improvement, but i think u look at the xoom and what it offers, its the closest a tablet’s come to being a pc…..and if complain that its easy to hack bcos of its customization, well that’s ironical cuz ur laptops also easy to hack and supseptable to viruses, cant eat ur cake and have it….

  18. Laptops are easy to hack yes thats right. But what apple does is to eliminate that, creating a safe platform for people to use for businesses and work. Android just encourages it. Sad to say. And many android tablets out there are essentially the same. They run on the same stock 3.0 and have similar spec sheets. And android doesn’t appeal to the masses (yet).

  19. This is really good comparison beet win both tablet. Android honeycomb is like child and evolving very fast. So don’t worry about the apps limitation it will increase fast on honeycomb. There is also said that google will introduce honeycomb 4 which is best for tablet and mobile phone both.

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