Motorola XOOM VS Apple iPad 2: Dawn Of The Tablet Wars

Motorola Xoom Tablet, runs Honeycomb android

It’s just been a week since the launch of the Motorola Xoom, the first tablet running Android 3.0 and its already under attack by the pioneer of the post PC era – Apple. The release of the iPad 2 has caused an uproar in the industry because of its sleek design, light weight, high end specs and  good battery life. All this, in one package without a price hike!

This is where the real Tablet wars begin.

Let us see how the current king of the Android tablets space fares against the new kid on the block from Apple. To start with, both of the devices sport a 1 GHz Dual core processor with high end graphics, the display size of the Xoom is slightly bigger than the iPad 2, the resolution of the iPad 2 is 1024 x 768 while resolution of Xoom is 1280 x 800.

Apple iPad 2

The Apple iPad 2 has no external ports while the Xoom has HDMI port.  The iPad 2 though is HDMI capable using Apple’s new accessory. The Xoom is a bit heavier than the iPad 2 but the iPad 2 comes in with 65000 Applications for the tablet UI whereas Android is just getting started with 100. The sleeker design and lower price surely gives Apple an upper hand! [display model1=”iPad 2″ model2=”Motorola XOOM” ]

So is 2011 the year of the iPad 2? Well it looks like is. The Xoom turns out to be expensive and Honeycomb is a great leap ahead, but just not there when looking at iOS 4.3. Well this is just the beginning, there are many tablets to come out. While its true that the Android tablet application environment is relatively very small, its just been a week since the Xoom has started to arrive.  As people may argue, Android will eventually take over… but will that happen in 2011 is the question.

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