iPhone 4 – 64GB Prototype Leaked From Foxconn

When we are just few months away from iPhone 5 launch, a prototype of iPhone 4 – 64GB has already been leaked in hong kong. This prototype belongs to one of the Apple manufacturing partner, Foxconn. The prototype is quite similar to what Gizmodo got in the earlier days of  iPhone 4 launch. MIC gadget posted photos of the prototype but they didn’t know that whether it is real or not. Since, they have got the access to the device, they have found it to be the real engineering made prototype. According to MIC gadget:

Apparently, this 64GB iPhone 4 is not for sale in grey markets of Hong Kong. The owner of this engineered prototype told us that he got it from a source who has a small quantity of these prototypes.

The 64GB prototype model resembles the same ‘lost’ gizmodo iPhone 4 in many ways. Just like that, it doesn’t have (+) and (-) signs on the volume buttons. The rear facing camera is not covered with the silver ring. Apple has earlier made different prototypes of the iPhone but never sold them in the market in mass production. Currently, only 16 and 32 GB models are available. We can expect the 64 GB storage in iPhone 5.

[via MacRumors]

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