White iPad 2 Wifi Only Shortage – Manufacturing Hassels or Demand?

iPad 2 launched in UK and across UK yesterday with great flair. There were huge queues across all stores over UK. What we did notice yesterday was there was a huge rush at Apple Stores however PC World and the other retailers stilll had stocks of the new iPad till the day closed. Infact, even Apple Retail Stores in Birmingham were able to cope up with the initial demand quite successfully.

I personally prefer the White iPad over the Black as i feel it looks better and has better contrast ratios as mentioned by reviewers. So I went in to buy an White iPad 16 GB Wifi Only at various retail stores in the morning including Apple. I was lucky enough to get a chance to get an iPad ticket at almost all retail stores , but to my surprise White iPad’s stock wasn’t there at all in any store uptil morning. I checked the Apple Retail Store as well as PC World but both said they hadnt received any stock on White iPad Wifi only.

This might be the case in Birmingham only, however I guess its more to do with the production again, thus enabling fewer White models. They got sold out yesterday again for the White iPads quickly and had only black available in Wifi and 3G models. So what do you guys think…