From Mac to iOS, Spaces Coming To iPad?

Apple showed how the iPhone / iPad (or lets say iOS) inspired the upcoming OS X Lion. And now it seems that its time for a little more of Mac OS genes to come into the mobile platform. According to an Apple patent, Spaces, one of the features that makes Mac OS a beauty to work with might well come to the iPad. Spaces is a smart way to group applications and put them in different desktops. This can make switching between open applications pretty swift.

Spaces on Mac OS / iOS

The iPad has a large display and a 3 / 4 finger gesture on the iPad would certainly be a go (or a two finger pinch on the corner as the patent suggests). This specially comes in handy as many hate the double click on home button for the multitasking bar in iOS. Another thing worth noting is the fact that iOSes biggest competitor Honeycomb has gone without any button on its tablet and Apple isn’t a big fan of physical buttons either!

This is one feature that I would expect Apple to come up with in iOS 5 itself, unlike other patents which show a far stretched future, this looks very very likely.

Via Patently Apple