Saurik Told Us About The SHSH Blobs Saving Server Issue, Now Fixed!

Yesterday, We had problems in saving SHSH Blobs for the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad. We tried the TinyUmbrella and iSHSH from the Cydia but nothing worked. On the same day itself, Apple also released a new version of iTunes 10.2.2 which included some minor fixes. We and some other hackers (@chpwn and@notcom) had doubts in our mind regarding the SHSH Blobs Saurik server that it could have been closed by Apple in the recent iTunes update. However, we had no official confirmation about it from the solid source. We tweeted about it to our followers and cc’ed it to @saurik.

In the meantime, DevTeam blog also confirmed that removing from the host files would solve the restoring error issues. After sometime, we got a response in the direct messages of our twitter account from @saurik which says that the his proxy server was never running on EC2 but does. Instead, he is running the service on (we don’t want to unveil the server address due to threat in future) which still exists :). There was a bug in the server which didn’t let people saved the SHSH blobs and it has now been fixed.

This is really an intelligent thing from the @Saurik part that he never used for the server. So, those who faced the problem yesterday, must save their SHSH blobs now to avoid any errors while restoring to the previous firmware in future.

What do you think about it ?

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