Verizon Exec Claims iPhone 5 To Be A World Phone, Sept Launch?

Now that the iPad 2 buzz is cooling down, we know whats next. The iPhone 5. Apple is perhaps busy giving final touches to its next smartphone, but that doesn’t stop the market to speak about it. And this time, its Apple’s latest carrier partner in US taking about the iPhone 5. Apparently during the recent earnings call, Verizon CFO Fran Shammo revealed that the next iPhone would be a world phone. His statement was to set the record straight wrt to the competition with AT&T.

and that we will be, on the first time, on equal footing with our competitors on a new phone hitting the market, which will also be a global device

Now we aren’t sure if that means a LTE device or a CDMA+GSM phone, but just yesterday even Tim Cook repeated that the first generation LTE chips just don’t work for Apple. According to a report by Forbes, the chips required to do LTE / GSM won’t be out until Q4 of this year. Which means an LTE iPhone isn’t coming in 2011.

Verizon iPhone

Now that’s not the end of the story. All needles are pointing towards a September launch of the next iPhone. Multiple reasons are being cited, but one of the major reasons can bet that the Verizon iPhone 4 just isn’t too old yet. Another simple reason can be that the iPhone 5 has some design changes / component issues that delayed it. Perhaps we would never know the actual reason.
There are two reasons why we should buy the September launch of the 5th generation iPhone.
a) The June WWDC is clearly announced as an OS event
b) Add to that, Apple does do a September event every year. This year it gets bigger?

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