The Next iPhone aka 4S, Handed To Developers For Testing A5 Chip?

Apple iPhone 2011Even as we begin discussing this topic, I wonder if the launch is in September, why hand out the devices to developers now? Either ways, the newest rumor on iPhone 5 is that its actually a 4S and is currently being tested for performance. According to reports, Apple is handing out the iPhone 4S with its own A5 chip to top developers. The phone looks the same as iPhone 4 from outside, but had a faster dual-core A5 processor to speed up things. The iOS 4 version running on it seems to have been tweaked to make the best of the upgraded hardware. 

Apple released the A5 chip with the iPad 2 last month. Its believed to be a 1.2Ghz CPU and Apple confirmed that its a dual-core. While developers work to get the most of the A5 chip and prepare themselves, we can’t assume the next iPhone to look like the iPhone 4 (it might well be a case like the 3G and 3GS) but for now, Apple we guess is only interested in getting the apps right.

We suspect the next iPhone would be running the same Retina display, but we would be pleasantly surprised if the current iPhone 4 design that developers are testing with A5 chip has a different resolution screen.

For now, the puzzle remains. Why test the iPhone 5th gen (with 3rd party devs) so early, if its a September launch?



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