White iPhone 4 begins to rollout, No word from Apple

White iPhone 4 (Apple)Apple has made us wait for sometime and it seems that the wait is over. No, it isn’t the iPad 2 arriving in a new country, its the White iPhone 4. Labeled the Duke Nukem of new era, the White iPhone is almost a year delayed after the record breaking launch of the iPhone 4 last year. The Black iPhone 4 has been on sale since day 1 and it was announced that Apple is finding it more difficult than anticipated to manufacture the White iPhone 4. Hence the delay.

The official launch for the White iPhone 4 seems to be scheduled for 27th April (widespread rumor). However Engadget seems to have got an exclusive footage of Vodafone getting the White iPhone 4. Not sure if it has reached customers yet. Another report suggested that only 16GB versions with limited stock is being rolled out. Cause of worry? 

We would wait for the tear-downs to happen. Thats the point when we might get to quench our curiosity, as to why the iPhone 4 is delayed. Already have an iPhone 4? Getting a white one?

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