White iPhone 4 Already Sold By Vodafone UK ?

According to a recent report by Engadget, Vodafone UK has already sold a white iPhone 4 before the actual schedule. The iPhone 4 has a modified proximity sensor to avoid any future controversies. It is claimed that one of the customer has got it unexpectedly without any prior notification about it.

Macrumors has observed the white iPhone 4 and realized that unlike the black version, the white iPhone 4 has an open slot over the earpiece instead of a fine grating. The black iPhone 4 during launch has been criticized due to the proximity sensor issues which compelled customers to use tweaks such as CallLock for the solution after the JailBreak. 

All these incidences are the clear indications that Apple may release the white iPhone 4 before the end of this month. So, are you planning to buy one ?
[via Engadget]

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