A Race Between Geohot & P0sixninja – Who Dumps The iPad 2 Bootrom First ?

After the closure of comex’s iPad 2 exploit by Apple, those people who were desperately waiting for the iPad 2 JailBreak completely lost the ray of hope. On another side, P0sixninja bootrom exploit for the JailBreak emerge out to be the slowest process ever. Considering the slow progress, he decided to challenge Geohot who earlier shifted his focus from iPhone to PS3 after the limera1n. Posixninja said that the race will urge him to work even more harder if Geohot accepts his challenge.

Later on, Geohot accepted the challenge to dump the iPad 2 bootrom. The fact can’t be neglected that Geohot is one of the worthy opponent when it comes to a race. However, Geohot doesn’t have an iPad yet but he will be getting one really soon.

Are you one of the folks who are waiting for iPad 2 JailBreak ? Let’s know!


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