Top 5 FaceBook Apps For iPad, Why We Should Care About The Native Application

Few weeks ago, i also bought an iPad 1G just to experience the whole new world of apps and its terrific User Interface which uses the 9 inch display brilliantly. Being a great social networking enthusiast, i desperately need all the applications that remain connected to the world of Facebook, twitter, foursquare, etc. I downloaded all the great apps in the social networking category of the App Store (iPad specific) but realized that there is no native Facebook app for iPad similar to iPhone.

I start digging out more in the Apple territory and tried to figure out about the best alternative. However, i admire the concept of many of them but most of them had limitations. Some of them didn’t provide notifications, some were buggy, some were less speedy and so on! So, my hunt continues and i collected the following list of top applications for FaceBook (iPad).

You can use them till Facebook doesn’t release a native app (though, they have released for Blackberry playbook) which i don’t understand, why ? Anyways, let’s check them out.

1) MyPad+




It is one of the simplest application available in the App Store that acts as a perfect alternative for facebook on iPad. It holds good for those who want the facebook UI exactly similar to native twitter applications. The screen is divided into two compartments. One has all the options to control the Facebook integration such as News feed, friends, messages, photos, events, groups, search, notifications and sign out. You can select manually to switch the screens over one another in the right compartment of the screen.

The application is available for free – iTunes link

2) Friendly for iPad


This is one of the great application for those who don’t want to bother themselves for opening the safari again and again. It simply integrates every feature of the Touch Facebook in the application with dedicated options at the top of the application. You can even download the photos within seconds using the dynamic interface of Friendly for iPad. All it lacks is the speed to catch up the user response. Otherwise, a good alternative.

It is available in App Store for free – iTunes link

3) Friended for iPad


It is one of my favorite application which can appear to be like a native app for facebook. Instead of the two sections of the screen, it divides the large display into multiple sections, each with its own use. You don’t need to open several pages to read comments, likes or navigate to other pages. It opens a small dialog box with the tap at each history and let you take the control over it. The only disadvantage of the friended is that the application turn out to buggy which hopefully will be fixed in the upcoming updates.

The application is available at a price tag of $0.99 in the App Store – iTunes link

4)Facely H.D. for iPad



One of the top most priority for those users who want their social networking site to be very personalized. It lets you customize whole of the look of your facebook accordingly. You can choose from the various colors under settings of this beautiful application. It resembles the friendly for iPad in many ways but offers its own amazing User Interface. The chat feature is included in the application. The only limitations is that it lacks in speeds (most of the times) to fetch the content.

You can download the application for $0.99 in the App Store – iTunes link

5) FriendCaster



Last but least, one of popular choice from many people who are looking for something different to offer in facebook application. It creates a 3D environment to give you the recent live feeds of your friends. You don’t have to struggle enough to enable the feature, just a simple tap will do and then use the gestures to flick through the another update. Beside all these functionalities, the application need to improve a lot. They have recently added notifications in the application and chat feature would arrive in the future. If you want to experience a dynamic UI, this application is for you.

The application is available for free in the App Store – iTunes link

I personally don’t prefer those who simply implement the Web user interface in the application. Do you really care for the native FaceBook application when you have plenty of alternatives. My answer is ‘YES’. What do you think ?


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