Samsung Preps New High Resolution display: Could Be Used On The iPad 3!

We all know how disappointed all these iPad fanboys were when they realized that the iPad 2 would not be sporting a retina display as was rumored during the course of 2010. However, with the iPad 2 already launched and selling well, all eyes seem to be already set on the next generation iPad – the iPad 3! Part of the blame can also go to Samsung who has yesterday announced the release of a new 10.1 inch display.

The display, which would be demoed at the SID Display Week 2011 International Symposium next week, is said to have a resolution of 2560 x 1600 resolution! This is way more than any tablet displays of today and even most PC’s don’t have such kind of a resolution – unless of course you are a gaming freak or a graphics person. The display will have a pixel density of 300 dpi – which is a little less than that of the iPhone 4 retina display. Samsung also claims that the display would also use 40% lesser power than standard displays – thanks to this technology called “PenTile”.

Now, there is quite a bit of uncertainty whether this display would make it to the iPad 3. The reasons are many. To start with, the display measures 10.1 inch across – a little more than the standard iPad screen size of 9.7 inches. That said, there is no confirmation if there would be a 9.7 inch version in the pipeline too. The second factor is the resolution itself. It more than double the current resolution of the iPads’s 1024*768 pixel display. Apple has been traditionally known to side with IPS display panels and if they do end up adopting this display, it would be like giving up on IPS and adopting PenTile technology.
What could be possible however is the display powering the next generation of Android tablets. It remains to be seen of Samsung manages to do an Apple and pip Cupertino in releasing a Samsung Galaxy Tab successor with a high resolution screen.
[Via TUAW]

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