Apple's Plan To Counter Android's Growth Isn't NFC? No NFC in iPhone 4S?

Now thats another analyst rumor and we sure take with a pinch of salt. The claim is that Apple’s next iPhone (dubbed the iPhone 4S or 5) won’t have NFC support. One of the hottest technologies that is being unveiled in mobiles this year is NFC and its sure hard to believe that NFC won’t be hitting the iPhones. I personally believe in NFC a lot. As I often explain, I want my caller tune to tell my callers if I am having lunch or riding a bike. Thats what NFC can potentially do. I want the air conditioning to switch on automaitcally when I enter home, I want to just wave my hand at the entry gate to get through Delhi metro and I just want to tap my phone to pay for that shopping bill. And at the end of all this, it shouldn’t cost me a ton. This is what NFC promises and I am excited.

Apple is known to create ecosystems with services around its products and that too before the competition. NFC is the best opportunity for Apple to do that. So we wonder as to why they would not do so with the next iPhone. Not sure if its a wise decision to wait another year for that, but then Apple is Apple 🙂 We have seen Android make some advancements towards NFC and RIM is said to be testing it for Blackberry (along with a meaty tie up with Bank of America).

The way the ecosystem for apps was created wth the iPhone / iOS, there is equal potential for manufacturers to create ecosytems around NFC enabled services / automations. The geeky future sure has its own space for NFC. An analyst prediction it is, and we would rather wait out till whenever the next iPhone is coming to see.


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