Lost Your iPhone or iPad ? Photo Rescue Helps You Recover Photos From iOS Backup [Mac]

Yes, you heard it right. Photo Rescue is one of those application which lets your recover all your iPhone or iPad pics from the iOS backup on your Mac. If you have lost, stolen or broken your iPad that contained very important photos which you never wanted to loose then this is the application you have been waiting for. Also, sometimes there arise a situation when you need to sell you iDevice urgently and you forget to transfer the photos due to lack of bluetooth file transfer. PhotoRescue is the app which will save you from a lot of effort.

Photo Rescue simply opens the backup photos in an image browser for you to save them again. However, there are several other applications available for Mac that allow you to backup other media as well including movies, music, contacts, messages, voice memos etc. It is available at a price tag of $4.99. You can also download a trial before the actual purchase with some limited features. Check the tutorial from the official site for further help.

[via Photo Rescue]

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