Aircel Confirms iPhone 4 For India, Offers Subsidy

We knew that Aircel and Airtel are bringing the iPhone 4 to India and it was rumored to be coming up as factory unlocked for the first time in India. Well it turns out to be true. Aircel today made the iPhone 4 official for India (alongside Sasmung’s Galaxy S2 announcement) and offered a unique subisdy. Customers will have to pay an upfront amount (yes!) of Rs. 34,500 for 16GB and Rs. 40,900 for 32GB models which they can recover over a period of 24 months on select service plans from Aircel.

We wonder if the rate would be the same in Maharashtra and Madhyapradesh where the VAT is at 12.5% for mobiles (other states is 5%). However iPhone fans in India can cheer and the subsidy plan though uncanny, can be a good deal for many.

Surprisingly Airtel hasn’t spoken today, we wonder if they have a special plan to counter Aircel? You can visit Aircel for pricing and availability of iPhone 4.

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