iOS 5, iCloud Confirmed For 6th June: Apple


Rumors were high and iCloud was kind of assumed as well and now Apple has formally announced its agenda for the WWDC keynote on 6th June. Apart from the highly rumored iCloud (music? files?), Apple would show Lion (this time expected with a release date) and iOS 5. If we go by past records the 5th edition of iOS should have been out by now, but Apple is bringing that announcement to WWDC as well.

Apple isn’t known to reveal its surprise offerings before its events. And as Apple sends us a release confirming iOS 5 and its upcoming cloud service: iCloud at WWDC keynote on 6th June, we wonder what they have up their sleeves apart from this to surprise us. The iPhone 4s is widely rumored to show up only in September and thus we only expected a software announcement at this years WWDC. But who knows what would happen as Steve Jobs takes the stage (yes that’s confirmed as well) next week!