Not All iCloud Services Will Be Free, Mac OS X Lion To Be Priced Aggressively

The long rumored cloud services from Apple after the purchase of iCloud domain are turning out to be a much awaited announcement at WWDC 2011. Some sources from Appleinsider have reported that the iCloud services wouldn’t be paid as some services like music streaming requires a license agreement at high cost with Apple. However, they may arrive as trial version for limited time which will eventually lead to a purchase in the end. These free services will be offered to people who will make an upgrade from Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Mac OS X Lion. Certain rumors also suggests that these iCloud services will replace MobileMe which offers storage, bookmarks, contacts and calender event at a price of $99 per year.

Appleinsider notes that the price will remain the same for those who stay on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or for window users. A separate source also predict that Mac OS X will be priced at a aggressive discount. This approach has been considered due to the great success of Mac OS X 10.6 Leopard. At only $29, almost doubled the previous record setting launch of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. In addition to the these incredible features, Apple has also planned a ‘mentor’ tool that would come with Lion to help people set up their own system, including the external devices such as printers and routers. It’s still not confirmed that the tool will be available after release.

via Appleinsider

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