KiBoard, Slide-out Qwerty Keyboard for iPhone 4 by iVogue

There are a number of cases available in the market for the iPhone 4. But this one by iVogue takes the cake for me.

Aptly (and creatively as well) named KiBoard, it not only acts as a protective casing for the iPhone 4 but also adds a physical Qwerty keyboard functionality for the phone. There are a lot of people out there who wanted a physical keyboard on the iPhone and iVogue’s KiBoard would obviously delight all of them.

Adding the keyboard to the phone is also very easy. You just have to put the iPhone into the case and pair the keyboard with the phone and you are ready to merrily type.

The KiBoard is an ultra light and thin device so that adding it up with the iPhone is not much of a hassle either. The best part, surprisingly, is that the camera on the phone is easily accessible even with the keyboard on.

Want more? The keyboard comes with a built in battery which can be charged via USB so you don’t even have to worry about the keyboard draining the precious battery off your iPhone.

The KiBoard is available for £29.99 on the iVogue webstore, shipped alongwith a complimentary screen protector as well.

It is a must have for the physical keypad lovers. In case you are one you know what to do…