iOS 5 Notification System [Concept]


Before Steve Jobs kicks the keynote tomorrow and unveil the much awaited iOS 5.0 at WWDC 2011, let’s watch the video which defines the concept of implementing the widgets and notification system in next major upgrade. It is already rumored that Apple will revamp the notifications and may also use widgets in its mobile operating system. 

In the concept, a dynamic approach has been used which reminds us of the Windows Phone 7. The icons itself display the notifications and constantly animate to inquire you about them. It is quite different from the type of notification system that Apple is currently using right now. You can enable the ‘Dynamic icon’ option from the settings under notification if you want to apply it.

The ‘App review’ is also similar to widgets. Unlike others, where all the widgets are present on the lock screen, you can double tap on the springboard and swipe left or right to read the animated icons. It will give you a ‘preview’ of the icons which you may want to open. This is a great concept which defines the Apple’s strategy to implement the things in the right way.

What do you think about it?

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