As Expected iOS 5 Teases At Future iPhone and iPad

iOS 5

Apple made is grand announcements a couple of days back at WWDC and developers and enthusiasts already have their hands on the upcoming version of iPhone software i.e. iOS 5. While a lot of iOS 5 features are being reviewed and judged by reviewers, developers have the opportunity for the first time to look underneath this major revamp of iOS by Apple. Going through the codes the usual suspects like upcoming iPhones and iPads are discovered.

Previously we have seen both iPhone 4’s (AT&T and Verizon CDMA version) being revealed along with iPad 1st Gen OS. This perhaps also had a little of iPad 2 in it already. In fact iPad’s FacetTime video calling was also busted by these SDK’s/ beta OSes. Last time around iPhone 3,1 and 3,2 were the internal references to iPhone 4 (out of which iPhone3,2 didn’t release but the Verizon one was iPhone3,3, confusing). This time around iPhone4,1 and 4,2 have been discovered. This puzzles us as we have heard before that the next iPhone would be a world phone, so why two separate models?

iPad3,1 has also been seen here and surprisingly iPod touch 5th gen is missing from the scene. Apple might well delay the refresh for iPod touch with just the new iPhone in September. But for now, we would wait for hackers and developers to dig out more features on these devices and iOS 5. More as soon as we hear on it.

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